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History log of /frameworks/base/tests/DumpRenderTree2/res/values/
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a7e2ca9a1c2ffc9d4e703d325270cd0ea1cde251 14-Sep-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Gets rid of flickering when executing tests.

Achieves it by setting Executor background to white.

Change-Id: Id07c743114c6cce9e9446439136a5efd72857dc4
ff314d7094fdc6a1869d6cbe17db16c5b9129009 01-Sep-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Added "run all tests in the current directory" menu option.

Bug: 2906954
Change-Id: Ib68219dc4d4d517ad859679bc8d52a02b0b631f4
3c8ccb384513dd9bae0f98ac516ea36fbaa3173b 12-Jul-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Added the LayoutTestsRunner class that is responsible for running the tests. Also, added some methods to FileFilter.

It preloads the tests from the given path, runs them and asks for dumps and diffs. It will also prepare summaries in the future. It delegates
most of the work of actually running the individual tests to LayoutTest class and AbstractResult (and its subclasses in the future).

Change-Id: I483bf26a380b539e4769e61b4a09fa270ab0e8e9
cc483d25b96dc2e394473e63cac29d06f1e96261 09-Jul-2010 Maksymilian Osowski <maxosowski@google.com> Added dialogs to the DirListActivity.

- A run/abort dialog on long click on directory
- A delayed progress dialog for directories that take long to load

Change-Id: I2fda245a48cb09faf8228809f7b091a7d2383589