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9730f15ebbf4b64cd48e0777850e56cb516a9ed4 25-Jul-2011 Hugo Hudson <hugohudson@google.com> Adds tests for Variable Speed code.

The test changes:
- Adds many, many test cases against a MediaPlayerProxy, checking that
it behaves to the contract of a MediaPlayer.
- Adds the RealMediaPlayer class to check a real MediaPlayer.
- Adds the VariableSpeed class, to check a VariableSpeed instance
against the same contract as the MediaPlayer.
- Adds an Android.mk for the unit tests.
- Adds also an AndroidManifest.xml for the unit tests.
- Adds some test asset media files (3gpp file and mp3 file).

Required for the test changes:
- Adds a DynamicProxy class to adapt a MediaPlayer as a
MediaPlayerProxy class, i.e. to test the implementation of
MediaPlayerProxy, required to avoid writing an adapter.
- Adds a couple of listeners, OnErrorListener and
OnCompletionListener, that can be waited for synchronously in unit

Improvements as a result of the tests:
- During the testing, fixes the case where we weren't throwing
IllegalStateException if asked for the duration on released player.
- Refactored the create engine, create and realize output mix, create
and realize audio player, get play interfaces and callbacks, all
separated into their own static methods.
- This allows me to create the audio player during the main while loop
actually after the decoding has begun rather than before starting.
This work is a precursor to using the decoder's report on sample rate
and channels as the input to these methods.
- slSampleRate and slOutputChannels no longer computed in the
constructor, but computed when needed in the construction and
realization of the audio player.

Other changes:
- Remove some overly verbose logs on getDuration() and
- Adding the decoder interface to the callback.
- Extract metadata from decoder method now takes the metadata
interface, so this will be usable from the decoder callack in a follow
- Temporarily stop getting the metadata out of the decoder, I'm going
to be doing it on the decoding callback instead.
- Renames the comment in AndroidManifest.xml to describe the
correct invocation to run the common tests.

Bug: 5048252
Bug: 5048257
Change-Id: Icdc18b19ef89c9924f73128b70aa4696b4e727c5