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9801142afbe3d906259b634ef3bc8bebdafe0083 27-Feb-2012 Siva Velusamy <vsiva@google.com> gltrace: Make code 64-bit safe.

Currently, the trace API passes the pointers that need to be
patched up via 32 bit integers. Such code will not be 64 bit safe.
This patch sends all pointers in a separate array of pointers
for the fixup calls to read from.

Change-Id: If975333f11a6f6f9a74fba57de328affaed452a5
05df4504e57657994a89e424b6881ee26d0f313c 17-Feb-2012 Siva Velusamy <vsiva@google.com> gltrace: Trace thread time and wall clock time.

For each gl function, trace both the thread and wall clock

Change-Id: I32b6caa67fa50bf915dab89b3c5021ee82e28d55
31272606149d83437a097800074b21e9e6a205ad 28-Jan-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> update GLES headers and add support for corresponding new extensions.

Change-Id: I554d9659113b4721b748ee5c1a3b1ca82b11d75e
56ac6ff9bdc3c117e820c5a361ab45049c8b03f8 16-Dec-2011 Siva Velusamy <vsiva@google.com> gltrace: add start time & duration to each traced call.

Change-Id: Idfec8f715f6000594b6381cbfdee9fdf6d89f484
93a826f78f6313db791e6fc880439189897651b3 14-Dec-2011 Siva Velusamy <vsiva@google.com> gltrace: transport buffering and context management

This patch adds two improvements:
1. Protobuf messages are buffered and sent in chunks.
2. Multiple EGL contexts are handled properly: Corresponding
to each EGLContext, a GLTraceContext with a unique ID is created.
On eglMakeCurrent, the appropriate GLTraceContext is set and is
used while tracing subsequent GL Calls in that thread.

Change-Id: I34076376d3e5af205c87c7396ea47659844abd6e
0469dd6d55fa331bfd7de9431da98b6340d82271 01-Dec-2011 Siva Velusamy <vsiva@google.com> glestrace: Framework for GLES tracing library

This patch provides a framework for tracing GLES 1.0 and 2.0
functions. It is missing a lot of features, but here are the
things it accomplishes:

- Stop building the glesv2dbg library, and build the
glestrace library instead.
- Replace the hooks for glesv2dbg with the ones for glestrace.
- Add the basics for the trace library. Currently, this
traces all GL functions, but not all required data is
sent for all the functions. As a result, it will not
be possible to reconstruct the entire GL state on the
host side.

The files gltrace.pb.* and gltrace_api.* are both generated
using the tools/genapi.py script.

Change-Id: Id60a468f7278657f008bc6ea1df01f9bdfecfdd3