History log of /frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/camera2/BurstCapture.cpp
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8a42dd8cd1a245d844f96cfd67dc342d7937e353 02-Oct-2012 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera2: Use scene mode override parameter

- Read in SCENE_MODE_OVERRIDES static parameter if available.
Use it to select AF/AE/AWB modes when a scene mode is set.
- Add quirks structure to parameters; not yet used
- Fix desynchronization between range and single FPS value.
Still need to sort out best way to convert from one to another.

Bug: 7259959
Bug: 7159577
Bug: 7172543

Change-Id: I0d07c31d5f21fbc4b0ec2fa23f7f778073d2d6e0
4bb8118816874c696d9f1adab48490df1da365f7 24-Sep-2012 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera2: Debug and logging fixes.

- Fix LOG_TAGs to work with standard logcat filtering.
- Add ATRACE to Camera2Device
- Shorten thread names to fit in 16 characters
- Remove some ATRACEs to avoid flooding trace unnecessarily

Bug: 7220520
Change-Id: Ief8d677b5c8bb35d94e0f21b11b86505e83169ea
e538206d15282afbc5b168d60b1026a5dfcd13c0 06-Sep-2012 James Painter <jpainter@google.com> Camera2: Add a burst mode skeleton.

Bug: 6243944
Change-Id: I7f496ca1051571c68fdd99a6f85bf6a908a4e29a