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8fc27e8b87bd1def854a03d84009143b315d4176 05-Apr-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Support metered Wi-Fi NetworkPolicy.

Add networkId field to NetworkIdentity to identify Wi-Fi networks by
SSID. Add support for policies without usage cycles.

Only apply mobile policies when SIM state is ready, which is cleaner
than just checking for airplane mode. Also avoids creating no-op
default policies when subscriberId is null.

Bug: 3001465, 3291052
Change-Id: I1f8aaa49a5db306df022c402ea7f3f5d4bc0cfc7
837f9242ae2e8f5f380d0b30b8fffbc68494914f 21-Mar-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Remember when NetworkPolicy was inferred.

This helps future-proof NPMS if we need to correct default policies
after an upgrade.

Change-Id: I0ddfdeaf41757a46aeb867c91d495ccf981d544b
9bf3150cfae03421c9dd237b46657714859d871c 10-Mar-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Save timezone when setting data cycle reset date.

Instead of cycle reset at midnight UTC, use midnight of timezone
active when user last set cycle reset date. Tests to verify, and
also to test leap year behavior.

Bug: 5938567
Change-Id: Ie06f7f0fa242d23110f9586a3f4f7037af87b31b
0e2e5f8b564bebd5798c9fa387fbff96429ab5d2 03-Feb-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Support snoozing of data warning notification.

Introduce second snooze timestamp to support dismissal of data usage
warning notification. Also explicitly set notification "when" to
avoid fighting with other notifications, such as ongoing downloads.

Bug: 5443756, 5262414
Change-Id: I03342c25b0410b1b2db84de9a40884f04cb1d8ae
f60d0afd1ef08a24121d015bb016df05265b6d07 01-Dec-2011 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Restrict app data on metered networks.

This separates the definition of "metered network" and "network with
limit." For now, all mobile networks are considered metered.

Bug: 5571454
Change-Id: I394cd385bd33add75e53bfc9cf2fefd06a00208a
50e7e51d68e3b01c3362fe9ab7b3448132e48b43 11-Oct-2011 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Over-limit within handful of MTU's, update assets.

Consider a network over-limit when it's measured usage is within a
handful of MTU's, since kernel completely drops packets that trigger
limit alert.

Update notification drawables.

Bug: 5433359, 5224629
Change-Id: I10b19cc34c34b47775904229829a25208cd85d25
41ff7ec82422a5b6d00892afdb3232bc0e53d851 26-Jul-2011 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Revise data limit notifs, watch kernel alerts.

Teach NetworkPolicy limits to "snooze" when requested by user, and
notify with both dialog and notification. Register for network alerts
through NMS to trigger updates immediately instead of waiting for
next stats update.

Enforce that all NetworkPolicy are unique on a template basis, and
move SCREEN_ON/OFF broadcasts to background thread. Launch SystemUI
and Settings directly instead of using actions, and include full
NetworkTemplate in extras.

Tests to verify notification and snooze behavior.

Bug: 5057979, 5023579, 4723336, 5045721
Change-Id: I03724beff94a7c0547cb5220431ba8d4cd44d077
1b5a2a96f793211bfbd39aa29cc41031dfa23950 19-Jun-2011 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Read "qtaguid" network stats, refactor templates.

Teach NMS to read qtaguid stats from kernel, but fall back to older
stats when kernel doesn't support. Add "tags" to NetworkStats entries
to support qtaguid. To work around double-reporting bug, subtract
tagged stats from TAG_NONE entry.

Flesh out stronger NetworkTemplate. All NetworkStatsService requests
now require a template, and moved matching logic into template.

Record UID stats keyed on complete NetworkIdentitySet definition,
similar to how interface stats are stored. Since previous UID stats
didn't have iface breakdown, discard during file format upgrade.

Change-Id: I0447b5e7d205d73d28e71c889c568e536e91b8e4
22c055e6424e0e9579711545d8f4800c0f796db8 13-Jun-2011 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> External mutation of full NetworkPolicy set.

Instead of embedding complex template coexistence rules into policy
service, rely on external editors to enforce, and offer atomic
get/set operations for full policy sets.

Generate default mobile policy when none exists, using default of 4GB
warning and cycle reset of current day. Dispatch listener events
through Handler when holding internal lock, and catch CLASS_UNKNOWN
networks in 3G_LOWER template.

Change-Id: I063cf1eaf330e32b75d0697b89fc04488e6dfaea
21c9c45e5caf62b935354b74392fb40c4bf18529 07-Jun-2011 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Interface-level network policy, persist policies.

Define NetworkPolicy as cycle-reset day and warning/limit values, and
set/get through NetworkPolicyManager. Watch ConnectivityManager for
network connection events, and apply quota rules based on matching
interfaces. Policy service matches based on strong identity to support
IMSI-specific policy values.

Calculates remaining quota based on current stats recorded since the
last reset cycle day. Tests to verify edge cases around February.

Persist network and UID policies in XML, and restore on boot.

Change-Id: Id40ba7d6eed6094fbd5e18e6331286c606880d80