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4fbbda4cecb078bd3867f416b02cc75f5455284f 25-Sep-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Handle multi-user mountObb() requests.

Since emulated external storage paths differ based on execution
context, carefully fix up paths for various use-cases:

1. When sending paths to DefaultContainerService, always scope
OBB paths as belonging to USER_OWNER.
2. When sending paths to vold, always build emulated storage paths
visible to root.
3. Always use the original untouched path when talking with apps.

Mount OBB containers using shared app GID, so that an app can read
the mount point across users.

Handle legacy paths like "/sdcard" by resolving the canonical path
before sending to MountService. Move tests to servicestests, and
add tests for new path generation logic.

Bug: 7212801
Change-Id: I078c52879cd08d9c8a52cc8c83ac7ced1e8035e7
13c7197da8a16f77f6398708a6314c80cb01e0d1 08-Sep-2011 Ben Komalo <benkomalo@google.com> Revert encryption mapping for device wipes.

External storage volumes that were emulated+encrypted needed to have
their encryption mapping removed so that it doesn't try to encrypt the
volume after formatting them.

This just wires through an argument through vold, and assumes that vold
will do the right thing even if there is no encryption mapping set.

Bug: 5017638
Change-Id: I858fae3d12cb415bc34637f520f71220ad9daaad
d6332552761fcce700adb465ff540d30a671403c 07-Jan-2011 Jason parks <jparks@google.com> Add a method enable encryption.

This is for testing and needs to be cleaned up.

Change-Id: I71cd5412f7096dc13d9ab61229ee9846c6f0006a
5af0b916f850486cff4797355bf9e7dc3352fe00 29-Nov-2010 Jason parks <jparks@google.com> Add decryption support to MountService.

* Implement the decryptStorage() method on the Mount Service.
This method makes the calls into vold to decrypt the encrypted
volumes and mount them.

Change-Id: I4f6e07a111cf0b36611d590debf9f6579c5ac5f7
af9d667ccf3e24058214cf4cc0a8aa8bc5100e3c 08-Oct-2010 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> OBB: rearrange to be entirely asynchronous

Rearrange structure of MountService handling of OBBs to be entirely
asynchronous so we don't rely on locking as much. We still need the
locking to support dumpsys which has been improved to output all the
data structures for OBBs.

Added more tests to cover more of the error return codes.

Oh and fix a logic inversion bug.

Change-Id: I34f541192dbbb1903b24825889b8fa8f43e6e2a9
05105f7abe02b2dff91d6260b3628c8b97816bab 23-Sep-2010 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Update OBB API to include callbacks

Add a callback for users of the StorageManager API to be able to receive
notifications when the requested operation completes for mountObb and

Add NDK API to get to ObbInfo like the Java API has.

Also update the docs for the API and remove the "STOPSHIP" comments.

Change-Id: I23a4409c7f8b74d3169614beba920b4d667990a4
be857d42849eaaa554d4772dbba7755f8a0f3547 19-Aug-2010 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Reorganize MountService IPC

Remove auto-generated AIDL files and replace them with manually edited
.java and .cpp/.h files so that binder calls can be made from either
Java or C++.

Update the makefiles to not attempt to generate the AIDL files and also
remove the old auto-generated .java files.

Put all the storage-related C++ things in libstorage so that we don't
pollute other libraries.

Change-Id: I82d1631295452709f12ff1270f36c3100e652806