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a1d12dd619c86c9ac121a3095ff5e5633c11e876 21-Sep-2012 Chet Haase <chet@google.com> Optimize shaders for dithered gradients

It's faster to compute a dither calculation in the vertex shader and use
a varying (letting the GPU interpolate the fragment values) than to perform
that calculation in the fragment shader as part of a texture lookup.

Issue #7207600 Prime mr1 shader performance issues
Issue #7158326 Bad framerates on MR1 (Mako, Manta, Prime)

Change-Id: I15789582a6e9e2d8b9dd22aa5b0f72f0ba1cce7f
211efea7376371ee755edd2ad03e83ef6eea464e 01-Aug-2012 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Add dithering to gradients

Change-Id: Ic1208855bde3a254eca2fd7cef43e0f1318ce419