History log of /system/bluetooth/brcm_patchram_plus/Android.mk
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e1276c208588797c46cfe809f346becdb89eb9c0 17-Jun-2011 Howard M. Harte <hharte@broadcom.com> Bluetooth BRCM script updates for new chipsets.

1) add support for configuration of the SCO PCM interface
2) add support for configuration of the I2S interface
3) add support for different patchram download initialization for newer chips
4) Address review comments from change 22918.

Change-Id: I7b764a65d1d7bbcaa46a7a5100566047d1ce3165
1725ef80c89ba54e0b246d5d4d31e217496d01b5 03-Nov-2010 Chris Fries <C.Fries@motorola.com> Add command-line option for PCM master/slave to brcm_patchram_plus

Added a command-line option to set PCM interface as master or slave, and
send the HCI command as required for each mode.

Change-Id: I496909c8aaa888aabfc2bb6c10a288da7b448ff8
db5ccf71519a49fbb36b915dba551aa0b3fa0db8 21-Oct-2009 Nick Pelly <npelly@google.com> Read Bluetooth address from system property ro.bt.bdaddr_path

Change-Id: I1d308818099636354448708c8a7d4c13219f504d
58302b4259856ddbedc8b4c15c02cbc7bec8acd3 21-Aug-2009 Nick Pelly <npelly@google.com> Add brcm_patchram_plus from Broadcom.

Used to download firmware to BCM bluetooth chipsets.