History log of /system/core/libcorkscrew/demangle.c
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1a5a497795d3d9a3d9278ca9c23668ab9dc11587 09-Nov-2011 Jing Yu <jingyu@google.com> Link with libgccdemangle.so for name demangling.

1. X86 target will also have name demangling feature.
2. Remove dependency on libiberty.so, since it will not come
with prebuilt toolchain in gcc-4.6 and after.

Change-Id: Iefbb021c5c3171b9467954eafa54046ad6805753
501edd29b823ce1301d2effdd3a9e4b6e2b20b76 20-Oct-2011 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Add a new library for collecting stack traces.

Supports collecting the stack trace of the current thread,
another thread in the same process, or a thread in a
different process (using ptrace).

Change-Id: Ica2594e4436edde4ceb7bcc3d78e6c31a7902cbf