History log of /system/core/libsparse/sparse_crc32.h
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b55dceea986ab24f8b836b5116b389ed619c816e 25-Apr-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> libsparse: cleanups

Move block loops into sparse.c with iterator helpers in backed_block.c.
Simplify chunk writing by moving skip chunk calls from output_file.c to
Rename variables to be consistent with new naming.
Remove use of u8, u32, u64.

Change-Id: Ic138ad58bef9f96239266ccee12ee83ea285e7eb
28fa5bc347390480fe190294c6c385b6a9f0d68b 20-May-2012 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> system/core: move libsparse into system/core

This moves an exact copy of libsparse from
system/extras/ext4_utils/libsparse to system/core/libsparse in
preparation for linking tools in system/core against it.

Change-Id: If664e4fcfd6612844ac745589beb1517e7f9fe58