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fa98203c441d00d374349ce35c0c7ba2f38cc53a 29-Sep-2012 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> More Issue #7211769: Crash dialog from background user has non-working "report"

Bug report needs to be launched for the current user.

Change-Id: I2b8f812ede43fc36c76deab544bacf88dba8fefd
818b58c3cc3d9f99d65bc9e4e7ff5b80021079ec 04-Sep-2012 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> Guard against NPE in SendBug

Add some null checks in case that SendBug is invoked while system
server is in fact not running, e.g. during a runtime restart. So
that we don't hit NPE in SendBug, looking suspiciously like the
cause rather than a consequence of the real issue.

Bug: 7097125

Change-Id: I82676ab936fe19a781c32f949e6e429eb4045d63
46899d1b5d606e9349a40079b60034e3cf6eaafb 24-Aug-2012 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> Don't use intent chooser

Since it forces user to make selection, not offering an option to
remember the choice. Remove the new task flag, also adds an
explicit default category

Change-Id: I3834a8fa27782d14989e510c0756d36aaeeb2bab
c8698cb92ef83e96b3c7776be9b47d174095bc15 18-Aug-2012 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> Explicitly use an intent chooser for sending bugreport

This enables:

1. an explicit title for intent chooser, so that the user is
aware that chosen action is for sending out bugreport

2. the original intent has new task flag that causes
ResolveActivity to finish() when stop()ped. This means that
if intent is fired when screen is off (common scenario now
because bugreport takes a long time), the chooser will not be

Bug: 6864596

Change-Id: I6cce2d1390c8ac24b15d26e9ba80a845222a1c18
6186a9cb55dae698f048616bb82887565d5779df 16-Aug-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Support custom path when saving bugreports.

When running on multi-user devices, we need to save bugreport data
to a write path, and launch intents using a different read path.

Bug: 6925012
Change-Id: I32773b733e8a4dd75a30f5b9b05424c4238243af
9ebc639a313d143ade1293cb5932b446d5e623d5 10-Aug-2012 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> sendbug improvements on email address handling

* use a property to indicate a preferred domain in case multiple
email addresses are detected; otherwise just pick the first
one that matches email address regex
* don't fire the intent if no email account is configured, there
have been reports on confusing behavior when capturing
bugreport for setup wizard

Bug: 6720467
Change-Id: Ib9b0b8a09e4e565b2531f3ec53723cd46186596f
f591abb39f0634094909af6684a874341fb4f0a4 20-Mar-2012 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Pass extra parameter for user id.

Change-Id: I2c2ed833946e18aeabbd7e0a7cb3e515a0d95d4e
52a5b01997c2cea32c288585769615ce7a60217e 14-Mar-2012 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Update to follow IActivityManager change.

Change-Id: I5ea3fcaffdaaae6bfeb0edd878fc952952012396
99cefef224f4ceaa1130adce86b74f9a50f6766d 13-Mar-2012 Siva Velusamy <vsiva@google.com> Fix # of arguments to startActivity

Change-Id: I376864150349862e9dcb3b964aa316559c904a4a
8beb39758fe046fc19ebee7317949b9ba7ee97dd 20-Oct-2011 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> Bring screenshot back to bugreport

Since the key cord for screen shot is now strictly enforced, we no
longer get a free screen shot with bugreport. This change to bugreport
script will capture a screen shot first, then proceed to dumpstate.
SendBug is also updated accordingly to take 2 parameters: one for
bugreport path, the other for screen shot path.

Change-Id: I20fcea2f3a207b0dcd5341c8646c694dac12ec54
01cef7d875c77ad5efed9e73d0e3d60a258f79de 13-Sep-2011 Alon Albert <aalbert@google.com> Add screenshot to bugreport email if available

Only works for email bugreport for now. Might add BugReported support later - requiers either
changes to BugReporter tool or zipping the file with is not great.

Change-Id: I1941a8436f6b5ba31b04334a89cad075f3bc836e
d4cd3249e37e5689fc4a8c2858351ec9bebb467c 19-Aug-2011 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> BugReporter integration

Queries PackageManager for a predefined intent, if it's resolvable,
hand the bugreport over to BugReporter. Otherwise same as before:
compose an intent to send out in mail with attachment

Change-Id: Ib7a5b49551ae9285ed46464277168487520d798b
43350373779c519e0fda89f9c5c899af1a42e8d1 16-Aug-2011 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Update to follow framework change.

Change-Id: I1247ba30e6e2e424a4cce12063a3c6af5db035e9
8c658e058446ad69fb056b2160340d708582b9ee 20-Jul-2011 Guang Zhu <guangzhu@google.com> additional scripts for emailing bugreports after capture

First script calls dumpsys to generate the bugreport, second
script launches a cmd line tool that queries account manager
for possible accounts to set as "to:" field and launches an
intent to mail the bugreport out

This is done in 2 steps because it's more convenient to look
up account for emailing with a framework context, but to make
sure bugreport is captured, using dumpsys from shell script
is more reliable in case Dalvik VM crashes.

Change-Id: Ibb54ac793bbd59f016db9fe98118155168c9371e