History log of /system/extras/tests/iptables/qtaguid/socketTag.cpp
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fa8469945ddaea6c5155d578aaeafb3b586c8084 20-Sep-2011 Tsu Chiang Chuang <tsu@google.com> qtaguid: Converting test to GTest so that it will be run continously by TF.

Change-Id: I067ed277f168e466d09572fb6c21e51e0bdaa9f2
73b89ae952174d04c34623ec40267829236dbcf9 09-Sep-2011 JP Abgrall <jpa@google.com> tests: add socket tagging test for qtaguid kernel netfilter module

Add a small test to verify that socket tagging is not hopelessly

Test for
- invalid: arg count, command, tags.
- double tagging
- acct_tag changing
- optional uid
- 64bit unsigned vs signed
- invalid sock_fd
- multiple entries
- untagging
- uid/gid checking + max tags.

It tries its best to allow concurrent invocations, but it just
can not be sure that it always detects the in-kernel addresses of
the sockets it has tagged.

Change-Id: I4e372fcddbd0b1cd6ba5d8be4692e0f31ec71a99