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0b02d05f1e2968643c42d10841dccedb63d33c48 19-Sep-2012 Zhihai Xu <zhihaixu@google.com> remove Pan service which is not used anymore.

because we replaced bluez bluetooth stack with bluedroid bluetooth stack.
This is multiple project check-in for ISSUE 6849488 Bluedroid stack, remove system/bluetooth.
Pan service depend on system/bluetooth. So both Pan service and system/bluetooth should be removed.

bug 6849488

Change-Id: I7a5a828b9b4327dbd6b6a13ec7ff4a9129ba0ca5
db28cbecc5cddae4dff740a299d311f18ddea523 17-Jul-2012 Haoyu Bai <bhy@google.com> Changed format of interface class acitivity message.

For the sake of consistency, format of interface class activity message
is changed to "NNN IfaceClass <active/idle> <label>" and using single
response code for interface class activity.

Change-Id: I34dc5c37cc611d05172060b2a1e4ceac0a0f0588
98f65d32b1530b4da6050e38d52f955710577efb 29-Jun-2012 Haoyu Bai <bhy@google.com> Add a class lable parameter to idletimer.

Now the idletimer should be setup by this command:
ndc idletimer add <interface> <timeout> <class label>

Class label can be a number or string to identify device type, such as
mobile or wifi. Idletimer will send label in the netd message instead
of the actual interface name.

Change-Id: Ic8b69dc5e38a4436c74723697905643a1214aa2a
745e09fc5694e73920aaad18a626275597bdddb1 29-Mar-2012 Robert Greenwalt <rgreenwalt@google.com> Initial release of mdns interface.

Uses extern/mdnsresponder and communicate with the framework via nativedaemonconnector.

Change-Id: I5c090528197afa090836d7cb5bf75dfba33ff11c
6337b88ce4438d224819e9b381ddaf2873bbfdda 11-Apr-2012 Ashish Sharma <ashishsharma@google.com> netd: Add support for interface idletimer netlink notifications.

Change-Id: Ifda5b8ecf68533eea42b133dbe0a581b4401ab11
ddb34755fb54882b3ece8d4919593e26a2c1cfcb 28-Feb-2012 Selim Gurun <sgurun@google.com> Prevent potential stall on dns proxy operations.

Update wire protocol to return and process error code first. This
will make sure dns proxy operations do not stall when an internal
error happens.

Change-Id: I65595abb0638722ccd877f69057bd435ca06e524
db7da58e8d2aa021060098057f944ef754be06e3 18-Sep-2011 JP Abgrall <jpa@google.com> netd: BandwidthController: support reading out tethering stats

* Add
ndc bandwidth gettetherstats <ifaceIn> <ifaceOut>
which returns
221 ifaceIn ifaceOut rx_bytes rx_packets tx_bytes tx_packets
If the iface pair is not found it will fail.

221 is the new response code for TetheringStatsResult.
It gets the stats by looking at the iptables FORWARD chain's counters.

* Fixed return handling after some of the responses.
- no need for errorno
- after ResponseCode >= 200, don't return another.

* Correctly initialize the alert values on "bandwidth enable"

Bug: 5244846,5230066
Change-Id: I81c941441525fa4055ae270d5cad05e6c42b8f72
e0ebc46c0aa38ce4f35bd3b60c0fcb9204d4c35e 22-Jul-2011 JP Abgrall <jpa@google.com> netd: NetlinkManager: add support receiving quota2 log messages

NetlinkManager, NetlinkHandler
. added support for netlink's NETLINK_NFLOG family used by the updated xt_quota2.
. it pushes the event all the wait to NetworkManagementService.java
"linit alert <alert_name> <iface_name>"

This needs:
- new kernel with quota2 changes that support logging via NETLINK's
- BandwidthController changes that setup the alerts.
- system core NetlinkEvent that recognizes the NFLOG messages.
- java land NetworkManagementService changes.

Change-Id: Id5b1026c6002803b5a1c0c7623cf7b1961de9802
8a93272255f1b7e3083a97e1e28ddf675c0c7fb0 14-Jul-2011 JP Abgrall <jpa@google.com> netd: bandwidthcontroler: add support for alerts via iptables' quota2 log messages

* Fix quota2 updating. The old insert-new/delete-old scheme doesn't work as the kernel
keeps the old counter assigned to the new rule.

* Add support for setting dummy quotas used only for alerts.

This needs:
- new kernel with quota2 changes that support logging via NETLINK's
- NetlinkManager support for receiving the events.
- java land handler for these new events.

* new commands
- add/remove a dummy quota to generate an alert after <bytes> are seen including loopback.
alerts are only triggered once.
. ndc bandwidth setglobalalert <bytes>
calling it multiple times, just re-arms the alert for the specified number of bytes.
Use "ndc bandwidth getiquota singleAlert" to get what is left.
. ndc bandwidth removeglobalalert
- add/remove alert on a shared quota (similar accounting as shared quota)
. ndc bandwidth setsharedalert <bytes>
Requires that a shared quota already exist.
. ndc bandwidth removesharedalert
Removing the last of the shared quotas will remove the matching alert.
- add/remove alert on an interface (similar accounting as interface quota)
. ndc bandwidth setinterfacealert <iface> <bytes>
Requires that a interface quota already exist.
. ndc bandwidth removeinterfacealert <iface>
Removing the interface quota will remove the matching alert.
- get the quotas and alert leftovers
. ndc bandwidth getquota
shared quota leftover
. ndc bandwidth getiquota <quota_name_or_iface>
iface specific quota leftover
Can be used to read-out alerts. E.g.
setglobalalert 12345 -> getiquota globalAlert
setsharedalert 12345 -> getiquota sharedAlert
setinterfacealert iface0 12345 -> getiquota iface0Alert

Change-Id: Iea9698b9d20e713281755dac32b4772a6cf0e84e
8e46896b4c4be5deaef651a12b17314f63ae9070 01-Apr-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> netd: Add skelaton support for throttling

Change-Id: I361f3c4ac30f7bb6efe4ed703405f0e843b075b4
Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
67c5753274ee828b56f96b5e9cdae64c8562ad52 18-Feb-2010 Robert Greenwalt <robdroid@android.com> Hook netlink interface notification up to fwk.

The java api was there to get callbacks but the middle piece was missing.
Also has one const defined for USB control that is part of a seperate change, but no harm.
5af38c360587ca2eef0badf6137ccf018f8cd4aa 10-Feb-2010 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> netd: Add Softap controller skeleton functions

Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
01fed783828b592cda3b774deea4099a9e690e3d 23-Jan-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> netd: Rename InterfaceGetInfoResult

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
5c1b8af16dbbc20c89aaca2f93e725e12b16d055 22-Jan-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> netd: Add Flush out enumerating/configuring interfaces

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
1bdac9e98c1ef37ba568b6cf23bfbc09cfe6bf15 21-Jan-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> netd: Add preliminary support for BT PAN

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
d5573d34c8fac49e16b20cf144486125bf940086 20-Jan-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> netd: Add support for attaching/detaching PPP daemons

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
9d10b341a0ba46f108cb96e46691197d778cbc06 18-Jan-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> netd: Plumb in the tethering interfaces

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
d18304287dbabc7835be771400b85d4ae8b63de6 15-Jan-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> netd: Initial skelaton for netd

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>