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bac5eb966c5c3aa9abe83cdb5187326f422741ab 22-May-2012 Jean-Baptiste Queru <jbq@google.com> Merge "Delay disk inserted broadcast until disk is ready"
3dafc26e4f3adb9607e82ab0bd52ead5f76859a1 19-Jan-2011 Magnus Malmborn <magnus.malmborn@sonyericsson.com> Delay disk inserted broadcast until disk is ready

Delay sending of "VolumeDiskInserted" broadcast until the disk is
ready (ie until all the partitions have been received from
kernel). This solves a race with MountService, otherwise there is a
risk that MountService tries to mount the SD-card before the
partition(s) have been received and the card will fail to mount.

Change-Id: Ie2a28227ae9a7d6fe9106fb6875f469a0e899014
627366196859339d72ab9f68a817dd395a13468f 07-Apr-2011 Lars Svensson <lars1.svensson@sonyericsson.com> Unshare ums when SD card is removed

If SD card is removed without unmounting when in USB mass storage mode
the ums share is not properly closed and the device files 179:0 and 179:1
are left in use. This causes erratic behaviour on subsequent operations on
the card, i.e. mounting and formatting will fail.

Change-Id: I757703c6282f4b76e2d8b027f4644920737309b6
0b8b59719357fb80c330442787f7d5b1e332263b 01-Sep-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> Add the ability to revert a crypto mapping when unmounting a volume

Add the force_and_revert option to the unmount command which will force
the unmount, and revert a crypto mapping. This is used during factory
reset so that when the internal sdcard volume is formatted, it formats
the raw device, not the encrypted mapping.

Change-Id: I36b6ff9bb54863b121de635472a303bf4a2334a9
5bf00e62a2995473140f4277f08ee8918a7fba26 14-Jul-2011 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> am 6c190fd3: am 137858b4: resolved conflicts for merge of 5284bcff to gingerbread-plus-aosp

* commit '6c190fd326099d8315e194b0ad0a173e21146e14':
Avoid array overrun. We can now mount the /sdcard partition on our boot sdcards
137858b43b7e0ed46fb8ebce9230eb40f0a62432 14-Jul-2011 David 'Digit' Turner <digit@google.com> resolved conflicts for merge of 5284bcff to gingerbread-plus-aosp

Change-Id: I108a0c32efb5add1fec41bfe76f041971801d48d
507d31b86b38dffe7c60ca5c54b5e631f5a7cab3 12-Apr-2011 Joseph Lehrer <jlehrer@nvidia.com> vold: retry mounting partition

Works around a race condition between the vold and MountService uevent handlers

Change-Id: I71c92f2e9b92e1fefc192da166a91d81bc60e242
Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <lockwood@android.com>
d11b833201ae72265d52d606fa084841b44e9a65 22-Jul-2010 Bruce Beare <brucex.j.beare@intel.com> Avoid array overrun. We can now mount the /sdcard partition on our boot sdcards

Orig-Change-Id: I6e9db8c55db49b4aa61dd40cd59495f55e5b3368
Signed-off-by: Bruce Beare <brucex.j.beare@intel.com>
29d8da8cefa99e436c13295d4c9bad060ca18a6d 19-May-2011 Ken Sumrall <ksumrall@android.com> vold: allow to store key in a file on another partition

Add support for keeping the keys in a separate file on another partition,
for devices with no space reserved for a footer after the userdata filesystem.

Add support for encrypting the volumes managed by vold, if they meet certain
criteria, namely being marked as nonremovable and encryptable in vold.fstab.
A bit of trickiness is required to keep vold happy.

Change-Id: Idf0611f74b56c1026c45742ca82e0c26e58828fe
cc8e96c8dccea1e8041db3146d389175582d3890 30-Apr-2011 Nick Kralevich <nnk@google.com> DirectVolume: don't continue on invalid PARTN value

Change-Id: I1e434c5b47b40fabaf1e702d7f2e43a88c0497dc
aecf0e2a3dd1a72e448d9df7ed69533578dda12c 18-Apr-2011 Nick Kralevich <nnk@google.com> am f3d3ce5e: add bounds checking for mPartMinors[]

* commit 'f3d3ce5e53ab7928f4c292c183c417a1bd051151':
add bounds checking for mPartMinors[]
f3d3ce5e53ab7928f4c292c183c417a1bd051151 18-Apr-2011 Nick Kralevich <nnk@google.com> add bounds checking for mPartMinors[]

Change-Id: I6d5b26756c8434d6396f3535252608ce61eabfd8
1206e872ce74aab253c39c3547bfaadc5e1f6011 19-Nov-2010 Jean-Baptiste Queru <jbq@google.com> resolved conflicts for merge of 09f774b7 to gingerbread-plus-aosp

Change-Id: I103db47198ad09783aa6539cde271df0fdb9c594
def8f3168305cc57803f1e9aafd8ed6d8e93067d 17-Nov-2010 Chih-Wei Huang <cwhuang@linux.org.tw> vold: fix an offset one bug that makes partition 4 unusable

Change-Id: Ic8e18e6191ad7ee33162e36060b57a6802cf0883
3374b41f1fea95dab455f565e6fc6db456bddc8b 18-Sep-2010 Mike Lockwood <lockwood@android.com> am 2dfe297e: Fixes for devices with internal FAT file system:

Merge commit '2dfe297ec47559dbe2297a72bea71cf515c03797' into gingerbread-plus-aosp

* commit '2dfe297ec47559dbe2297a72bea71cf515c03797':
Fixes for devices with internal FAT file system:
2dfe297ec47559dbe2297a72bea71cf515c03797 18-Sep-2010 Mike Lockwood <lockwood@android.com> Fixes for devices with internal FAT file system:

Only share a single partition via UMS if a specific partition
is specified in vold.fstab (rather than "auto")

Do not fail to reformat if MBR cannot be found.

Change-Id: I544ca2ee325c308af656ab9f4732c788a964c156
Signed-off-by: Mike Lockwood <lockwood@android.com>
75a3e1a95af0a2790de1b12aeca0008bfdc61649 21-Jul-2010 Ethan <ethan.too@gmail.com> VOLD - make volume daemon to handle state change from shared to no_media

When volume state changed from shared to no_media,
volume is not properly unshared.

Change-Id: I0117d67da95440d982275746a166ef6f4ac1c0e2
Signed-off-by: Ethan <ethan.too@gmail.com>
d766090b7a72562be9e64700e13882663004650e 22-Jul-2010 Bruce Beare <brucex.j.beare@intel.com> Avoid array overrun. We can now mount the /sdcard partition on our boot sdcards

Change-Id: I6e9db8c55db49b4aa61dd40cd59495f55e5b3368
Signed-off-by: Bruce Beare <brucex.j.beare@intel.com>
1a06edaf4db4e9c520624bcc06e0e13ee470d90e 15-Apr-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> vold: Ensure we cleanup secure containers on card removal.

Fixes bug: http://b/issue?id=2567572

Note: The framework will still likely restart since the system_server
is holding references to assets on the card which are mmaped, but
at least now storage will be available when a new card is re-inserted.

Change-Id: I4e195c0c666426b93da47198fa826a6f58d855a9
Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
97ac40e4e6f3ed0bd5d6878d7d8d4a54fcaecb76 24-Mar-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> vold: Switch from LOG -> SLOG

Change-Id: I48ee8bd90b47f5845f069cdf4d1b8ba6ecdb1b39
Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
da62e7c00259f6b98696cedb7d031f04951caef0 25-Mar-2010 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Revert "Prevent null pointer deref in DirectVolume"

This reverts commit a9f423dd7e313854ce7c103e1bb4661b05efc9a4.
a9f423dd7e313854ce7c103e1bb4661b05efc9a4 24-Mar-2010 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Prevent null pointer deref in DirectVolume

There's a possibility that if something were messed up a call to
NetlinkEvent::findParam could return a NULL. Passing NULL as the
argument into atoi() would cause a null pointer dereference.

Change-Id: Ib071afbbe2adc341108c245ffa596cc8730bd8fd
2a5b8ce09b8836a8463ef9beaaff865c36ca5e6a 10-Mar-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> vold: Switch to using libdiskconfig for partition setup.
Also handles an issue where NPARTS=0 on a disk change uevent

Change-Id: I77c56f177dc65df91468bbd7d5fe1889db414d7a
Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
4ba8948dc16463053e21cda5744f519a555080d0 18-Feb-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> vold: Add 'force' option to anything that can cause an unmount

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
7b8f2db4b07deaaa2f6f5ffbee0386a394032b08 04-Jan-2010 San Mehat <san@google.com> vold2: Don't crap out if the kernel is missing the NPART/PARTN blkdev uevent patches

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
a2677e4ad01f250b0765f04adf0acfa6627efc98 13-Dec-2009 San Mehat <san@google.com> vold2: Get mounting/unmounting/formatting/sharing working

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
dd9b8e92aaf330b48ddb40a7380588ef92b53de6 21-Oct-2009 San Mehat <san@google.com> vold2: Some more work on partitioning support

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@google.com>
49e2bce5b74129c26a35e25d4693cbfe98c4688e 13-Oct-2009 San Mehat <san@android.com> vold2: Wire up more of the mount function

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@android.com>
ae10b91044bf76b40b77d81c169e48e0bbdf6d75 12-Oct-2009 San Mehat <san@android.com> vold2: Rename DeviceVolume -> DirectVolume

Signed-off-by: San Mehat <san@android.com>