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H A DICameraService.cpp38 virtual int32_t getNumberOfCameras() function in class:android::BpCameraService
80 reply->writeInt32(getNumberOfCameras());
H A DCamera.cpp105 int32_t Camera::getNumberOfCameras() function in class:android::Camera
109 return cs->getNumberOfCameras();
H A DCameraService.cpp113 int32_t CameraService::getNumberOfCameras() { function in class:android::CameraService
H A DCameraServiceTest.cpp421 int getNumberOfCameras() { function
423 return cs->getNumberOfCameras();
898 int n = getNumberOfCameras();
H A DCamera.java194 public native static int getNumberOfCameras(); method in class:Camera
198 * If {@link #getNumberOfCameras()} returns N, the valid id is 0 to N-1.
294 * {@link #getNumberOfCameras()}-1.
312 int numberOfCameras = getNumberOfCameras();

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