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H A Ddlmalloc_stubs.c31 int dlmalloc_trim(size_t unused) argument
H A Dtest-assert.c18 sigabrt (int unused) argument
H A Dbootimg.h43 unsigned unused[2]; /* future expansion: should be 0 */ member in struct:boot_img_hdr
H A Dusb_windows.c87 void* device_poll_thread(void* unused);
168 void* device_poll_thread(void* unused) { argument
H A Dusb_libusb.c605 device_poll_thread(void* unused) argument
H A Dusb_osx.c385 void* RunLoopThread(void* unused) argument
H A Dusb_linux.c684 void* device_poll_thread(void* unused) argument
H A Dplaywav.c28 uint32_t unused[3]; member in struct:msm_audio_config
33 uint32_t unused[3]; member in struct:msm_audio_stats
H A Dparser.c1642 getprompt(void *unused) argument
H A Dfuse.h351 __u32 unused; member in struct:fuse_open_in
376 __u32 unused; member in struct:fuse_flush_in
474 __u32 unused; member in struct:cuse_init_in
481 __u32 unused; member in struct:cuse_init_out
H A Dkeystore.cpp1052 static ResponseCode unlock(KeyStore* keyStore, int sock, uid_t uid, Value* pw, Value* unused, argument
1054 return password(keyStore, sock, uid, pw, unused, unused2);
H A Dext4.h185 __u16 unused; member in struct:ext4_new_group_data

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