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H A Dllvm-ndk-link.cpp53 FIXME REMOVE
H A DAudioMixer.h82 REMOVE = 0x4102, // Remove the sample rate converter on this track name; enumerator in enum:android::AudioMixer::__anon927
H A DFastMixer.cpp330 AudioMixer::REMOVE, NULL);
H A DAudioMixer.cpp472 case REMOVE:
H A DNetworkManagementService.java97 private static final String REMOVE = "remove"; field in class:NetworkManagementService
617 modifyRoute(interfaceName, REMOVE, route, DEFAULT);
629 modifyRoute(interfaceName, REMOVE, route, SECONDARY);
H A DConnectivityService.java216 private static final boolean REMOVE = false; field in class:ConnectivityService
1404 return modifyRoute(p.getInterfaceName(), p, r, 0, REMOVE, toDefaultTable);
1412 return modifyRouteToAddress(lp, addr, REMOVE, TO_DEFAULT_TABLE);

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