History log of /bionic/libc/dns/net/getnameinfo.c
Revision Date Author Comments
ea9bf6788144b83cc51c454b2bfe6b980d6e947c 14-Feb-2014 Szymon Jakubczak <szym@google.com> bionic: Replace iface with opaque netid in resolver.

Replace iface cache key with netid.

Replace _mark with netid.

Mark sockets used to test IPv4/IPv6 support as well as sockets
used to determine source address for rfc6724 sort.

Remove pid/uid mappings (functionality moved to system/netd).

Do not create resolv_cache when it does not exist, but rather only
when DNS configuration is supplied.

Clean up unused functions.

Change-Id: I9ccfda2902cc0943e87c9bc346ad9a2578accdab
569fb9887d00104509df79fa77d92e3cf9afe7db 04-Mar-2014 Calin Juravle <calin@google.com> Moved nameser.h and namser_compat.h to public include dir

This is part of the upstream sync (Net/Open/Free BSDs expose the
nameser.h in their public headers).

Change-Id: Ib063d4e50586748cc70201a8296cd90d2e48bbcf
bd33537fde8e1c68fcadfd6adf77b295ada9b45f 28-Feb-2014 Calin Juravle <calin@google.com> Renamed the misleading libc/netbsd directory to libc/dns.

Bug: 13219633
Change-Id: Ide43add0b90b3081cc709a22d1ff1f59d65f1104