History log of /bionic/libc/kernel/uapi/linux/in.h
Revision Date Author Comments
38062f954c637861348dd8078cefb73554e6f12c 10-Jul-2014 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Update kernel headers to v3.14.

Other changes:
- Modify update_all.py to skip ion header files when importing into aosp.
- Fix generate_uapi_headers.sh to handle imports from a linux-stable kernel.

Change-Id: I1ad81b9ccb063c21740f9875f2cc1238052cd4b3
655a7c081f83b8351ed5f11a6c6accd9458293a8 17-Oct-2013 Ben Cheng <bccheng@google.com> Add processed uapi kernel headers (common and aarch64-specific)

Change-Id: If0be7b83bd8fe7cb02472d173f7c452aabf61124