History log of /external/chromium-libpac/src/proxy_resolver_v8.h
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40adcb542a80576ad761fcb7362b98e9afd754fa 23-Aug-2013 Jason Monk <jmonk@google.com> Fix error messages so reported to listener.

Change the errors to report to listener rather than return them.

Also fixed set function to take a const parameter as it should.

Bug: 10458767
Change-Id: Iaba9bc7ca384961ea420b31b9e03d30d3093a3cd
c06a8d69b50384113df4a17824c68bbfce7fb578 19-Aug-2013 Jason Monk <jmonk@google.com> Fix memory leak in shutdown.

Frees associated objects when resolver is deleted.

Bug: 10387401
Change-Id: I38cbed74001ecb56c618dcc52120d56260502427
f5cf6e34aa6c6b061eb6f33f2f82c95177e16648 23-Jul-2013 Jason Monk <jmonk@google.com> Change interface to library to String16

This cuts down on internal and external conversions bacause
all data is coming from and going to android string string

Change-Id: Ibd36f74f03d0abb1934572ef83222f6f91388bd1
fc93418c483ce474a1f4888b50f92574a1b81be3 22-Jul-2013 Jason Monk <jmonk@google.com> Shared library that provides a PAC file parser.

This adds a shared library that provides a javascript proxy resolver extracted
from the chromium project. The resolver is designed to parse proxy auto-config
(PAC) files that implement a single javascript function
(FindProxyForURL(url, host)).

Change-Id: I241fe44555cb7a9f187fe98d265aa6dc8f1bec20