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2aa7fed9c983d8dcde7c0cacf1b024c966758b88 29-May-2014 Richard Diamond <wichard@vitalitystudios.com> Try to use __builtin_ffsl if ffsl is unavailable.

Some platforms (like those using Newlib) don't have ffs/ffsl. This
commit adds a check to configure.ac for __builtin_ffsl if ffsl isn't
found. __builtin_ffsl performs the same function as ffsl, and has the
added benefit of being available on any platform utilizing
Gcc-compatible compiler.

This change does not address the used of ffs in the MALLOCX_ARENA()
15cb17e8aad6afb887ec15c162f357695658bdf6 02-Jun-2014 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Fix fallback lg_floor() implementations.
8d8f9aeeaa77514d5732db5bd0111232af21fcfd 29-May-2014 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Add size class computation capability.

Add size class computation capability, currently used only as validation
of the size class lookup tables. Generalize the size class spacing used
for bins, for eventual use throughout the full range of allocation
e18c25d23de0e845f0ee7e11d02c1be044738a3c 07-Jan-2014 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Add util unit tests, and fix discovered bugs.

Add unit tests for pow2_ceil(), malloc_strtoumax(), and

Fix numerous bugs in malloc_strotumax() error handling/reporting. These
bugs could have caused application-visible issues for some seldom used
(0X... and 0... prefixes) or malformed MALLOC_CONF or mallctl() argument
strings, but otherwise they had no impact.

Fix numerous bugs in malloc_snprintf(). These bugs were not exercised
by existing malloc_*printf() calls, so they had no impact.
a4f124f59fa5f702231432a7e5fa45140ba81e2a 09-Dec-2013 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Normalize #define whitespace.

Consistently use a tab rather than a space following #define.
2a83ed0284e92c7ba4bd4efe9df149ac724b2f26 09-Dec-2013 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Refactor tests.

Refactor tests to use explicit testing assertions, rather than diff'ing
test output. This makes the test code a bit shorter, more explicitly
encodes testing intent, and makes test failure diagnosis more
86abd0dcd8e478759fe409d338d11558c4cec427 01-Dec-2013 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Refactor to support more varied testing.

Refactor the test harness to support three types of tests:
- unit: White box unit tests. These tests have full access to all
internal jemalloc library symbols. Though in actuality all symbols
are prefixed by jet_, macro-based name mangling abstracts this away
from test code.
- integration: Black box integration tests. These tests link with
the installable shared jemalloc library, and with the exception of
some utility code and configure-generated macro definitions, they have
no access to jemalloc internals.
- stress: Black box stress tests. These tests link with the installable
shared jemalloc library, as well as with an internal allocator with
symbols prefixed by jet_ (same as for unit tests) that can be used to
allocate data structures that are internal to the test code.

Move existing tests into test/{unit,integration}/ as appropriate.

Split out internal parts of jemalloc_defs.h.in and put them in
jemalloc_internal_defs.h.in. This reduces internals exposure to
applications that #include <jemalloc/jemalloc.h>.

Refactor jemalloc.h header generation so that a single header file
results, and the prototypes can be used to generate jet_ prototypes for
tests. Split jemalloc.h.in into multiple parts (jemalloc_defs.h.in,
jemalloc_macros.h.in, jemalloc_protos.h.in, jemalloc_mangle.h.in) and
use a shell script to generate a unified jemalloc.h at configure time.

Change the default private namespace prefix from "" to "je_".

Add missing private namespace mangling.

Remove hard-coded private_namespace.h. Instead generate it and
private_unnamespace.h from private_symbols.txt. Use similar logic for
public symbols, which aids in name mangling for jet_ symbols.

Add test_warn() and test_fail(). Replace existing exit(1) calls with
test_fail() calls.
6556e28be15d9acd8f3835fb9fad90145e1edbff 21-Oct-2013 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Prefer not_reached() over assert(false) where appropriate.
889ec59bd3ae3190fb715e64d8d15b6a1b47314a 02-May-2012 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Make malloc_write() non-inline.

Make malloc_write() non-inline, in order to resolve its dependency on
da99e31105eb709ef4ec8a120b115c32a6b9723a 30-Apr-2012 Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org> Replace JEMALLOC_ATTR with various different macros when it makes sense

Theses newly added macros will be used to implement the equivalent under
MSVC. Also, move the definitions to headers, where they make more sense,
and for some, are even more useful there (e.g. malloc).
7cdea3973cab8640d1f44c7638ed5e30ed18be24 30-Apr-2012 Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org> Few configure.ac adjustments

- Use the extensions autoconf finds for object and executable files.
- Remove the sorev variable, and replace SOREV definition with sorev's.
- Default to je_ prefix on win32.
a14bce85e885f83c96116cc5438ae52d740f3727 30-Apr-2012 Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org> Use Get/SetLastError on Win32

Using errno on win32 doesn't quite work, because the value set in a shared
library can't be read from e.g. an executable calling the function setting

At the same time, since buferror always uses errno/GetLastError, don't pass
122449b073bcbaa504c4f592ea2d733503c272d2 06-Apr-2012 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Implement Valgrind support, redzones, and quarantine.

Implement Valgrind support, as well as the redzone and quarantine
features, which help Valgrind detect memory errors. Redzones are only
implemented for small objects because the changes necessary to support
redzones around large and huge objects are complicated by in-place
reallocation, to the point that it isn't clear that the maintenance
burden is worth the incremental improvement to Valgrind support.

Merge arena_salloc() and arena_salloc_demote().

Refactor i[v]salloc() to expose the 'demote' option.
41b6afb834b1f5250223678c52bd4f013d4234f6 03-Feb-2012 Jason Evans <jasone@canonware.com> Port to FreeBSD.

Use FreeBSD-specific functions (_pthread_mutex_init_calloc_cb(),
_malloc_{pre,post}fork()) to avoid bootstrapping issues due to
allocation in libc and libthr.

Add malloc_strtoumax() and use it instead of strtoul(). Disable
validation code in malloc_vsnprintf() and malloc_strtoumax() until
jemalloc is initialized. This is necessary because locale
initialization causes allocation for both vsnprintf() and strtoumax().

Force the lazy-lock feature on in order to avoid pthread_self(),
because it causes allocation.

Use syscall(SYS_write, ...) rather than write(...), because libthr wraps
write() and causes allocation. Without this workaround, it would not be
possible to print error messages in malloc_conf_init() without
substantially reworking bootstrapping.

Fix choose_arena_hard() to look at how many threads are assigned to the
candidate choice, rather than checking whether the arena is
uninitialized. This bug potentially caused more arenas to be
initialized than necessary.
9225a1991a58190207cca2ff3cdba966bb322dd5 23-Mar-2012 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Add JEMALLOC_CC_SILENCE_INIT().

Add JEMALLOC_CC_SILENCE_INIT(), which provides succinct syntax for
initializing a variable to avoid a spurious compiler warning.
cd9a1346e96f71bdecdc654ea50fc62d76371e74 22-Mar-2012 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Implement tsd.

Implement tsd, which is a TLS/TSD abstraction that uses one or both
internally. Modify bootstrapping such that no tsd's are utilized until
allocation is safe.

Remove malloc_[v]tprintf(), and use malloc_snprintf() instead.

Fix %p argument size handling in malloc_vsnprintf().

Fix a long-standing statistics-related bug in the "thread.arena"
mallctl that could cause crashes due to linked list corruption.
824d34e5b7f5cf00bf472ec79f7ec1c6e3474114 13-Mar-2012 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Modify malloc_vsnprintf() validation code.

Modify malloc_vsnprintf() validation code to verify that output is
identical to vsnprintf() output, even if both outputs are truncated due
to buffer exhaustion.
d81e4bdd5c991bd5642c8b859ef1f752b51cd9be 06-Mar-2012 Jason Evans <je@fb.com> Implement malloc_vsnprintf().

Implement malloc_vsnprintf() (a subset of vsnprintf(3)) as well as
several other printing functions based on it, so that formatted printing
can be relied upon without concern for inducing a dependency on floating
point runtime support. Replace malloc_write() calls with
malloc_*printf() where doing so simplifies the code.

Add name mangling for library-private symbols in the data and BSS
sections. Adjust CONF_HANDLE_*() macros in malloc_conf_init() to expose
all opt_* variable use to cpp so that proper mangling occurs.