History log of /external/libnl/include/netlink/list.h
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ef858fb492dfe98e3ae194264fbc73649cf8493a 02-Sep-2009 Thomas Graf <tgr@lsx.localdomain> - Reworked the classifier interface.
- Added initial ematch support
- Added support for the basic classifier
- Added support for the cgroup classifier
535e83162249ed6274ba46bc72d8cc683ba20e17 29-Apr-2008 Thomas Graf <tgr@lsx.localdomain> Big routing code rework (API/ABI BREAK!)

Adds all missing routing attributes and brings the routing
related code to a working state. In the process the API
was broken several times with the justification that nobody
is using this code yet.

The changes include new example code which is also a prototype
for how plain CLI tools could look like to control routes.
44d362409d5469aed47d19e7908d19bd194493a4 15-Sep-2007 Thomas Graf <tgraf@suug.ch> Initial import