History log of /external/libnl/src/nl-link-set.c
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8808743839b0f459394ecd00cb0f7c1896c0ab7a 16-Dec-2009 Thomas Graf <tgraf@suug.ch> CLI - Command Line Interface Library

Moved common code in src/ used by CLI tools to src/lib/ for possible use
by other CLI tools. Just link to libnl-cli.{so|la}
d84430702496f617c01c5e2d27d0e82e02390bb7 23-May-2008 Thomas Graf <tgr@lsx.localdomain> Remove old line counting while dumping
10cf5a586c149fdb7e2639000dbfae5e6f8522a5 23-May-2008 Thomas Graf <tgr@lsx.localdomain> New set of libnl tools

Converts all tools to the API changes and improves the useability by
introducing regular options and long options.
44d362409d5469aed47d19e7908d19bd194493a4 15-Sep-2007 Thomas Graf <tgraf@suug.ch> Initial import