History log of /external/libunwind/include/libunwind-mips.h
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b58eb4a882a6ff98f6c0890260da797b62dbcdee 30-Jan-2014 Elliott Hughes <enh@google.com> Switch libunwind over to <sys/ucontext.h>.

Change-Id: Iba3a471cbdc4171b55616082b76798b0715c269a
1c82a52129ceced9f271dd782057351275c38a41 01-Oct-2013 Christopher Ferris <cferris@google.com> Update external/libunwind to build in android.

Bug: 8410085

(cherry picked from commit efb75a0b84fed700173700a2e4fee153ba491b32)

Change-Id: I625f9e28a1c794cb066908e79f6c3a6a0ef759ec
79c2c254a74ca850aefe2c49b973dea1fa2934c2 06-Sep-2012 Tommi Rantala <tt.rantala@gmail.com> MIPS coredump support

Add MIPS support to the coredump library. Explicit support for the MIPS
program counter register is added so that we can start backtracing from
the program counter value we read from a core dump. The PC register
support was not strictly required for local backtracing, and we will in
fact just plug the return address to the PC register in getcontext().

I have only tested the 32bit "OABI" paths.
5f38f35d5d6c78aafa6da20845d9ceff74af00f8 01-Apr-2011 Lassi Tuura <lat@cern.ch> Drop a call frame in tdep_trace and avoid a call to unw_step.

Dropping the extra frame for unw_backtrace itself using unw_step is
approximately 15% slower than skipping the frame in tdep_trace. So
drop the frame in the latter, and make the function a private
implementation detail for libunwind, not an exported interface.

Also moves unw_getcontext call back into unw_backtrace to avoid an
extra call frame in case slow_backtrace does not get inlined into
7ff83c051e33de1adbcbc20bf63ea368c2745a70 25-Mar-2011 Arun Sharma <asharma@fb.com> Fix up compilation and test failures
44a14d1364abff3dc7ec49f35b7220542c4cf2b1 21-Mar-2011 Lassi Tuura <lat@cern.ch> Integrate fast trace into backtrace().
9e98f15e9aee12e67cd5956d06ccb559f6a06213 19-Mar-2011 Lassi Tuura <lat@iki.fi> Fast back-trace for x86_64 for only collecting the call stack.

Adds new function to perform a pure stack walk without unwinding,
functionally similar to backtrace() but accelerated by an address
attribute cache the caller maintains across calls.
3842dac7333e42aa44531eda34ba55200b99ccf8 05-Feb-2008 Daniel Jacobowitz <drow@false.org> Add initial ARM and MIPS support. To support this, also enable the
reading of .debug_frame sections (used in lieu of .eh_frame sections
when they're not available).