History log of /external/libunwind/include/unwind.h
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752076789fdeec16827ddd846485182d4c3cd11f 22-Feb-2010 Stefan Demharter <stefan.demharter@gmx.net> Be gcc compatible for C++ exceptions on 32 bit platforms.
2fce54102cdb03aa2d3105c750685dc7cf2677b1 03-Apr-2009 Arun Sharma <aruns@google.com> Implement _Unwind_GetIPInfo() as required by the C++ ABI

Provide a special implementation for ia64, because the unwind
information is such that an IP adjustment is not necessary before
looking up unwind info.

Bad things happen if libunwind only provides parts of the ABI and
the rest come from libgcc.

Signed-off-by: Jan Kratochvil <jan.kratochvil@redhat.com>
ab0fdbbb4ce951d3c5f39f9412fb0542487879f0 04-Dec-2003 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> (Logical change 1.135)
1a7d4ee7ed467d951d9c36d6865bc4fdf40879b4 04-Dec-2003 hp.com!davidm <hp.com!davidm> Initial revision