History log of /external/libvpx/libvpx/vpx_mem/vpx_mem.c
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ba164dffc5a6795bce97fae02b51ccf3330e15e4 20-Jun-2013 hkuang <hkuang@google.com> Updates libvpx to enable the VP9 decoder.

This change enables VP9 decoder for all build configurations.

Checkout is from master branch(hash:12180c8329d56d72e8d4424b8fd82b1b2f8e846a).

Change-Id: Ieaba85d0bc54e1ecdf9596398dafa03c43182f8c
1b362b15af34006e6a11974088a46d42b903418e 10-Oct-2012 Johann <johannkoenig@google.com> Update libvpx and incorporate new build system

Move libvpx down a directory. Separate libwebm and rename it. It would
be more accurate to rename external/libvpx to external/webm.

Use file lists directly from upstream libvpx. This allows adding new
targets and new features (such as the encoder) easily. MIPS and x86
options are in progress. See new file "UPDATING"

The new libvpx checkout is not from a release branch. The decoder is
stable but it should be checked and potentially updated if the encoder
is enabled.

Requires I42b51e2845a696a6e211dde00951afc8f571336f which updates
libstagefright to account for new paths and library names.

Change-Id: I739f99d48b8d7e6354c416ef2ca79c954826307f