History log of /external/wpa_supplicant_8/wpa_supplicant/src/ap/dfs.c
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a7b06faf528d1765cc2712cc9a31ad45d7c3110b 09-Oct-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch to Release 2.3

724fce8 Change version information for the 2.3 release
5cb1440 Update ChangeLog files for v2.3
2b28ef6 browser-wpadebug: Use more robust mechanism for starting browser
3d8a3ff browser-android: Use more robust mechanism for starting browser
17dc39a browser-system: Use more robust mechanism for starting browser
4a274f4 DFS: Allow 80+80 MHz be configured for VHT

Change-Id: I5562ac22e5bf8a55d0f7f8944ca0d9c8ebd8d13f
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
6aa8ae4b6139bdf5593301474277dcdbc2528190 07-Jul-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 4ed3492206097c24aa37b4429938fec049ba1827

4ed3492 PNO: Send Probe Request frames only for hidden SSIDs
8931a36 P2P: Add explicit check for ssid->p2p_client_list != NULL
c0e46bb DFS: Remove dead assignment

Change-Id: I16b7d38ba8fc974391d679a43f1426eb9e4bce23
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
d30ac604c9f6da71a0dd7f46d25be05a2a62cfbb 30-Jun-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit ea18024d78bde140fb8f74d216d757816bfd6e9b

ea18024 dbus: Add PropertiesChanged signal to Peer object
36716ee P2P: Add a utility function to run a method on every known peer
bf03566 dbus: Remove GroupMember object type and use Peer instead
17a37d7 dbus: Add a Groups property to a Peer object on which it belongs
6f04642 P2P: Add utility functions to get GO/client interface
c6386e5 P2P Add a utility to run a callback on all available groups
8e76f48 P2P: Add a utility function to get the group configuration
37d8a27 TDLS: Clean up add/set peer operations
bcd2baa TDLS: Tear down connection on malformed Setup Confirm
8190540 TDLS: Abort local setup when failing to add STA
1dce7a2 TDLS: Update peer STA as soon as full peer info is available
819c943 TDLS: Remove peer from global peer-list on free
5841958 hostapd: Use channel switch fallback on error
8974620 hostapd: Perform multi-BSS CSA for DFS properly
ccac7c6 hostapd: Make chan_switch command per-interface not per-BSS
6782b68 hostapd: Move CSA parameters to hostapd_data
1de809e eapol_test: Fix -R option to not replace -s option value
3c5d34e Change channel before IBSS associations
ebffdbc nl80211: Refactor mode switch logic

Change-Id: I1cbdc4dce586ec69f693b3b04eb340a5332f6b40
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
61593f02176862f4880ddefcb1f54cb5f5d9f043 22-Apr-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 0f3bf6135d9e5d5e50de46c4755de0864f6c66

0f3bf61 AP: Fix checking if DFS is required
d41cc8c Allow HT 40 MHz intolerant flag to be set for association
6d99bd8 nl80211: Debug print HT/VHT capability override information
f777fd1 Fix writing of provisioning_sp cred parameter
d2c33b9 Reduce the amount of time PTK/TPTK/GTK is kept in memory
a7ca6da Fix P2P redirection of global ctrl_iface SET command
d6b818e Remove SAVE_CONFIG redirect from global control interface
128cc37 eap_proxy: Use unique Makefile names for Android and non-Android
e83e15e P2P: Fix interface remove to terminate all P2P groups
e47ee24 l2_packet: Fix l2_packet_none (hostapd default)

Change-Id: Ib336ce383695ce9ce662465d91c6bc82496db153
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
df5a7e4c5c64890c2425bb47d665bbce4992b676 02-Apr-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 39a5800f7c2a9de743c673a78929ac46a099b1a4

39a5800 wpa_supplicant: Allow disabling LDPC
7230040 Interworking: Read IMSI if not read at supplicant start
62f736d Interworking: Init scard when a credential requires SIM access
729897a Interworking: Fix incorrect compile PCSC flag
21611ea edit: Increase buffer size to 4096 bytes
0b2c59e OSU server: Add example scripts for Hotspot 2.0 PKI
0f27c20 HS 2.0R2: Add example OSU SPP server implementation
1e03c6c XML: Remove forgotten, unused definition of debug_print_func
5cfc87b Make hs20_wan_metrics parser error print more helpful
4be20bf Fix validation of anqp_3gpp_cell_net configuration parameter
23587e3 Remove duplicated vht_capab parser entry
18a8e55 Notify STA of disconnection based on ACL change
8943cc9 RADIUS server: Add support for MAC ACL
dc87541 Clean up debug print for PSK file search
bbbacbf DFS: Print CAC info in ctrl_iface STATUS command
ace0fbd P2P: Fix segfault when PBC overlap is detected
cf15b15 Add writing of network block ocsp parameter
5c9da16 nl80211: Set all BSS interfaces down when tearing down AP in MBSS mode
f1c4dbf wpa_supplicant: Remove pending sme-connect radio work
4f560cd wpa_supplicant: Override HT A-MPDU size if VHT A-MPDU was overridden
3ae8b7b hostapd: Add vendor command support
782e2f7 P2P: Do not initiate scan on P2P Device when enabled
74a1319 Fix issue with incorrect secondary_channel in HT40/HT80
96ecea5 Pass TDLS peer capability information in tdls_mgmt
78cd7e6 Sync with wireless-testing.git include/uapi/linux/nl80211.h
b36935b nl80211: Fix EAPOL frames not being delivered
6997f8b nl80211: Set interface address even if using old interface
9b4d9c8 nl80211: Print if_indices list in debug log
762c41a eloop: Add assert() on negative fd when using select() code path
978c673 Add a note on using 'iw list' to determine multi-BSS support

Change-Id: I89af7f8d92ed706c8909ed3cc9c49d6e1277a2b0
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
9866086a955d00e237cc8df3722e7dff75c02532 12-Mar-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 99cd77a8c50413d44f1ebead917310468a8406de

99cd77a tests: Verify reassociate-to-same-BSS commands
e8d70a7 nl80211: Hide deauth event due to forced deauth-during-auth
0f44ec8 Add a reattach command for fast reassociate-back-to-same-BSS
cfc393a hostapd: Document interworking realm EAP Method types
7450c12 DFS: Add extra debugging messages
5d0d72a wpa_supplicant: Put upper bound on initial scan time delay
8c06db7 nl80211: Fix P2P Device handling when starting with RF-kill blocked
5e3ddf4 PNO: Change sched_scan_stopped event to handle pending PNO properly
737e7a0 PNO: Move and rename pno_start()/pno_stop()
1d91f50 hostapd: Process management frames only once per BSS
e070051 hostapd: Allow to switch to usable DFS channels
01b9999 hostapd: Allow to switch to DFS channels if available
70ee1be hostapd: Add config option chanlist for DFS channels
09eef14 Use internal FIPS 186-2 PRF if needed
3b9c517 Fix PTK derivation for CCMP-256 and GCMP-256
e6ef73f nl80211: Add debug print of KEY_DATA and KEY_SEQ
b465f5d Remove unused hostapd_wep_key_cmp()
4fb363c Fix error path handling on radius_accept_attr

Change-Id: I28ecac6cbcc6f71f19a051c12b54668ca6a66e2a
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
a38abf9af7bec7e89dbfb39ac7bb77223fe47c72 06-Mar-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 905828fea4b95a6d48ce86e1b5272c25a618b3d8

905828f hostapd: Fix vht_capab 'Maximum A-MPDU Length Exponent' handling
89de64c ACS: Fix VHT80 segment picking
1f37483 DFS: Print error in case CAC fails
354c903 AP/GO interface teardown optimization
8bc4372 Use P2P_IE_VENDOR_TYPE more consistently
8714caa WPS: Parse Registrar Configuration Methods
6b9f7af nl80211: Extend the new vendor command for testing nl80211
3a94adb P2P: Do not start scan for P2P Device interfaces at driver init
aa10983 P2P: Do not initialize bgscan on P2P interfaces
819f096 nl80211: Fix RTM event handling for dynamic interfaces
54ac5aa config: Add bgscan option when saving global configuration
268043d bgscan: Do not initialize bgscan if disabled by user
adef894 nl80211: Add vendor command support
d0595b2 nl80211: Fix tearing down WDS STA interfaces

Change-Id: I6d49f445692b71a4cd324f517eba651518ee14bb
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
7d5c8f257a74ac0d12828962a492e8b84ef83923 03-Mar-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 5f7e1c06cd428888a2ed4fa763c5da37a873e422

5f7e1c0 Redirect more frames with ext_mgmt_frame_handling=1
7738163 RADIUS server: Copy IPv4 address only when IPv6 is not used
508e24c dbus: Clean up error reporting for TDLS peer address parsing
3b6170b WPS: Remove duplicate variable setting
78789d9 Remove unnecessary variable initialization
a7c37d9 dbus: Remove duplicated variable assignment
e997bc7 Remove a static analyzer warning about unused variable write
ea3b8c1 Do not use a separate variable for tracking first entry in a list
8a4ce28 WPA: Clean up cipher suite counting in write routines
6ed626d Remove unused gid_str pointer update
749fa14 Debug print trailing WPA/RSN IE bytes, if any
a5802c0 OpenSSL: Avoid never-used analyzer warning
7b6e815 Clean up hostapd add_iface error path operations
67adcd2 WNM: Check wpa_s->current_bss more consistently
3ff8073 EAP-FAST: Use clear eap_get_config() result validation
a8716d1 roboswitch: Verify that register read succeeds before comparing res
3d91a04 DFS: Make sure center frequency is always initialized for VHT
fa0a9f5 trace: Fix memory use on no-function name path
bd27b13 Make code path easier for static analyzers
64abb72 nl80211: Allow old r-o-c offchannel TX to be tested
fa72a88 P2P: Fix validation on Invitation Request error path
ca412c7 Remove unreachable return statement
2af4d87 GAS: Fix additional comeback delay with status code 95
07d462c Interworking: Remove unused password setting for SIM credential
3141b82 Add OSEN to proto config field writer
b908c50 Clear hostapd bss entry to NULL on add-interface-failure
0052ce4 atheros: Add support for OSEN

Change-Id: Ifd78a8f8259e5b0f654d3dbadd24c9ab029d3afb
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
f21452aea786ac056eb01f1cbba4f553bd502747 26-Feb-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 5e32f8256f5fcce8b70a95e070375ac549ac935a

5e32f82 tests: Verify HS 2.0R2 deauthentication request
b61e70c HS 2.0R2: Add WFA server-only EAP-TLS server method
8d2a992 HS 2.0R2: RADIUS server support to request Subscr Remediation
ae6d15c HS 2.0R2 AP: Add OSU Providers list ANQP element
f7bd7a0 HS 2.0R2 AP: Add Icon Request and Icon binary File ANQP elements
97596f8 HS 2.0R2 AP: Add support for Session Info URL RADIUS AVP
8e1146d HS 2.0R2 AP: Add support for deauthentication request
a14896e HS 2.0R2 AP: Add OSEN implementation
6ca0853 HS 2.0R2 AP: Use Subscr Remediation request from RADIUS server
7bc9c25 HS 2.0R2 AP: Add STA's Hotspot 2.0 Release Number into Access-Request
76579ec HS 2.0R2 AP: Add AP Hotspot 2.0 Release Number as WFA RADIUS VSA
0dd100f HS 2.0R2 AP: Add definition and helper function for WFA RADIUS VSA
3fb17a9 HS 2.0R2 AP: Add WNM-Notification Request for Subscription Remediation
d5d2478 HS 2.0R2 AP: Update HS 2.0 Indication element to Release 2
a6739e1 HS 2.0R2: Try to scan multiple times for OSU providers
cf6d08a Interworking: Add OCSP parameter to the cred block
6402f2f Interworking: Add more debug info on roaming partner preferences
7479489 Interworking: Add sp_priority cred parameter
751ac99 Interworking: Use a helper function to compare cred priority
aff419f Interworking: Remove separate credential priority tracking
533536d HS 2.0R2: Disable full ESS for as a workaround for per-BSS issues
8a77f1b HS 2.0R2: Slow down connection attempts on EAP failures
76a55a8 HS 2.0R2: Add more debug to network selection
8b4b9fb HS 2.0R2: Fix bandwidth policy BSS selection
28f2a7c HS 2.0R2: Allow excluded network to be selected based on user override
33fb8c5 HS 2.0R2: Add support for Policy/RequiredProtoPortTuple
a45b2dc HS 2.0R2: Add support for Policy/MaximumBSSLoadValue
4cad9df HS 2.0R2: Add support for Policy/MinBackhaulThreshold
aa26ba6 HS 2.0R2: Add tracking of provisioning SP
8e5fdfa HS 2.0R2: Add WFA server-only EAP-TLS peer method
df0f01d HS 2.0R2: Add OSEN client implementation
a5d7563 HS 2.0R2: Add common OSEN definitions
230e373 HS 2.0R2: Add GAS operation duration statistics into debug
b572df8 HS 2.0R2: Add routine for fetching OSU provider information
1d2215f HS 2.0R2: Add OSU Providers list ANQP element
184e110 HS 2.0R2: Add Icon Request and Icon binary File ANQP elements
7ef6947 HS 2.0R2: Add STA support for Deauthentication Request notification
95a3ea9 HS 2.0R2: Add WNM-Notification Request for Subscription Remediation
f9cd147 HS 2.0R2: Update Indication element to Release 2
bc00053 Interworking: Allow roaming partner configuration
ae6f927 nl80211: Add driver capability for GTK_NOT_USED
2c49d04 Do not clear global pmf setting on FLUSH
eef7235 Only try fast reconnect if network is not disabled
3d910ef Interworking: Prefer last added network during network selection
2a33687 P2P: Remove unnecessary ifdef CONFIG_NO_CONFIG_WRITE
050d8b5 Fix documentation for wpa_supplicant_global_ctrl_iface_process()
8c9cb81 DFS: Fix coding style (missing whitespace)
4f1e01b DFS: Add VHT160 available channels
b8058a6 hostapd: DFS allow mixed channels
4db216f wpa_supplicant: Add support for IPv6 with UDP ctrl_iface
e2364d1 hostapd: Deauthenticate clients forbidden by maclist changes
1748f1d hostapd: Make it possible to remove addresses from maclists
064eb05 Add os_remove_in_array()
c1151e4 Force OFDM/HT/VHT to be disabled on channel 14
bfb79dd nl80211: Show regulatory rule flags in debug output
3d7ad2f hostapd: Configure spectrum management capability
e0392f8 hostapd: Add Power Constraint element
891330f Fix spelling s/algorith/algorithm/
f0e30c8 Do not start another connect work while one is pending
3290398 WPS: Fix UNSUBSCRIBE error returns if NT or CALLBACK header is used
f34df28 WPS: Fix UNSUBSCRIBE to return 412 if no SID match found
80f256a WPS: Remove unnecessary filename NULL check

Change-Id: I7dc25a8bb0074f4970ade8d42dfa60da166baf96
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
96be6222df414a7dde5c5b1b72df22e67b1a77fc 13-Feb-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 7ae7a84eefd43ed9385e2f8f520a918468f87178

7ae7a84 NFC: Workaround nfcpy message debug exception
6ceb95c Avoid NULL dereference in ieee802_1x_get_mib_sta() printf
97efe70 wpa_supplicant: Fix NULL dereference in tls_verify_cb()
c0c11af wpa_supplicant: Fix NULL dereference in eap_fast_parse_end()
93a1cae Remove unnecessary NULL check
1e2ffc6 Fix theoretical NULL dereference in debug printf
cbf21c7 P2P: Avoid compiler warning in p2p_supplicant.c
5479ff9 DFS: Avoid compiler warnings in src/ap/dfs.c
5e6aa04 wpa_supplicant: Fix memory leak in wfd_subelems error path
88853ae Fix CONFIG_WPS_NFC=y build without CONFIG_P2P=y
7ac7fd4 Add bssid/freq hint for driver-based BSS selection
92484e2 Start using unodified Developer Certificate of Origin v1.1
56ec49c Sync with wireless-testing.git include/uapi/linux/nl80211.h
b64afe2 Fix SAE state validation on AP
d6bfaaa NFC: Add summary and success file options for nfcpy scripts
25cfc6f P2P NFC: Add p2p-nfc.py --handover-only option
7bea076 P2P NFC: Clean up p2p-nfc.py error handling
b0d18bc WPS: Make UUID-from-MAC Address easily available
825fb6b P2P: Do not indicate P2P_FIND failure if p2p_scan is in progress
8c18fcc WPS: Add more debug information to M7 AP Settings
d7a15d5 WPS: Indicate current AP settings in M7 in unconfigurated state
d55fc03 P2P: Handle unexpected GO Neg Req reject message more cleanly
062a7c0 Fix persistent P2P connection failure in case channel list changes

Change-Id: I5c400a6503f9f00d259ff225999593958322a1ba
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
344abd362cfe2d03ed956666527352826b67bde5 14-Jan-2014 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit efc64886b8a285440e9954b5395a5370d8c5f84f

efc6488 nl80211: Pass station supported channel and oper class info
3ed9727 TDLS: Pass peer's Supported channel and oper class info during sta_add
eed65aa hostapd: DFS setup seg0 correctly for HT40-
25592b2 hostapd: DFS/CSA check if CSA in progress
b19ef32 Android: Remove hostapd dump_file functionality
c48414a P2P: Limit join-a-group scans based on SSID from invitation
78f0c93 Flush secondary device types on FLUSH command
2b38410 P2P: Allow requested device type to be specified with p2p_find
d9bb282 Clear configuration blobs on FLUSH command
c60ba9f Skip network disabling on expected EAP failure
7185e16 EAP-FAST peer: Make debug clearer on missing pac_file configuration
7b88b64 EXT PW: Fix hash return in password fetching
08081ad hostapd: Skip full AP configuration validation on SET command
1785d2e P2P: Wait on GO Negotiation Confirm transmit
472fa21 P2P: Cancel action frame offchan wait after recv GO Neg Conf
bfdc2a3 bsd: Fix NULL pointer dereference on error path
38bbd06 bsd: Prepare event buffer on init process
3043b4f nl80211: Document how to configure for libnl 2.0 and 3.2

Change-Id: Ia592bc948eaa43dbfaf0b4a20231efca61acb11f
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
04f534e89ed127da4077485376f24debc50d80d5 10-Dec-2013 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 075131e32e6967977da4bbfa8a7f63dbfbf86008i

075131e Android: Do not compile wpa_supplicant if not chosen
f7154ce DFS: Use channel switch when radar is detected
6c6c58d hostapd: Make hostapd_set_freq_params() public
b72f949 DFS: Allow skipping radar channels
8d1fdde nl80211/hostapd: Extend channel switch notify handling
10e694a AP: Use monotonic clock for SA query timeout
af53896 Use monotonic clock for RADIUS cache timeouts
fe52c21 Use monotonic clock for last_sae_token_key_update
100298e AP: Use monotonic time for AP list
e5c9e40 OS utils: Add os_reltime_expired()
b3493fa AP: Use monotonic time for STA connected time
ed0ebee OS utils: Provide os_reltime_age()
8567866 P2P: Handle frequency conflict in single channel concurrency case
b125c48 P2P: Add wfd_dev_info= field for device found event
e706d2d bsd: Fix compilation error for NetBSD
f757950 eap_proxy: Extend Android.mk to support additional libraries

Change-Id: I6d4f0f559f420680903d12966c7a6a87da97d61a
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
cce06667447b5aec83452adb0c15100ada531095 05-Nov-2013 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit d4f1a347ceca31fd9cf14070fd000235d5f4e9c1

d4f1a34 Allow AP mode configuration with VHT enabled on 2.4 GHz
bb337dd DFS: Do not use cf1 to override freq for 20 MHz channels
0dfd2c6 Document AP mode startup functions
fee947b hostapd: Use correct wpa_printf verbosity level for message
2fe210c hostapd: Fix multi-BSS configuration file parsing regression
e4ba031 hostapd: Use start_ctrl_iface() from hostapd_add_iface()
bf7f09b Fix AP mode QoS Map configuration to be per-BSS
dc036d9 DFS: Convert hostapd_data use to hostapd_iface
2db938e hostapd: Fill in phyname automatically
5ae6449 hostapd: Add ctrl_iface STATUS command
afadaff Optimize 40 MHz HT co-ex scan on AP
7d6d737 hostapd: Add AP-ENABLED/DISABLED ctrl_iface events
e1c5faf hostapd: Track interface state
f0793bf hostapd: Wait for channel list update after country code change
ae134e1 hostapd: Add ctrl_iface events for ACS
ad08e14 hostapd: Move ctrl_iface initialization to happen earlier
c20cb02 hostapd: Remove hostapd_interface_init2()
4a5deb9 hostapd: Simplify interface initialization
186c905 DFS: Add control interface events for various DFS events
ddf5517 hostapd: Add control interface test commands for radar detection
884f1a3 nl80211: Verify radar event attributes exist before using them
71cdf6b hostapd: Fix ENABLE failure to not remove interface
18ca733 SAE: Fix group selection
65015b2 Replace unnecessary UTF-8 characters with ASCII versions
61323e7 Convert perror/printf calls to wpa_printf
3f134b4 hostapd: Accept RELOG from global control interface
b253e6f hostapd: Use wpa_printf() for hostapd_logger() to stdout
c092d83 P2P: Clear pending group formation data on group removal
9100b66 P2P: Debug print reason for specific SSID for scan
2aec4f3 Allow add-BSS operation to re-use existing netdev
5592065 hostapd: Allow a single BSS to be removed from an interface
2e2fff3 hostapd: Allow a single BSS to be added to an interface
a1fb569 hostapd: Make hostapd_interface_init_bss() available externally
66936c6 hostapd: Make hostapd_init() available externally
390e489 hostapd: Allow the first BSS in a multi-BSS setup to be removed
834ee56 nl80211: Make wpa_driver_nl80211_data::first_bss pointer
748c0ac nl80211: Fix monitor interface reference counting
08e55eb nl80211: Add a debug print for DEL_BEACON
33b0b33 hostapd: Fix error path in hostapd_add_iface()
770ecdf ACS: Do not get stuck while failing to do a subsequent scan
813d4ba DFS: Add support for multi-BSS
954e71d DFS: Reset cac_started properly
6a398dd DFS: Sanitize channel availability checks
32595da DFS: Fix HT40/VHT calculation
0648c3b hostapd: Add -T Linux tracing option
392e68e Set GTK rekey offload information after initial group key handshake
bbc706a nl80211: Add debug prints for NL80211_CMD_SET_STATION
731ca63 Update regulatory change to all virtual interface for the phy
6f2db2f hostapd: Validate configuration parameters on RELOAD command
eff0fd1 hostapd: Move generic configuration functions into src/ap
5afaa06 hostapd: Allow per-BSS (vif) configuration files
ebd79f0 hostapd: Make hostapd_config::bss array of pointers
a781e21 hostapd: Force PSK to be derived again on BSS reload
9f104b0 hostapd: Reuse hostapd_clear_old() for RELOAD command

Change-Id: I7fbb26cbd4a2960af66a4373c0e6bbe5390a4940
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
68d0e3ed07847339aedfac8e02f50db68c702e52 29-Oct-2013 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 32b62704fac6af74f60b2effb173474e11ff089d

32b6270 Android: Fix ARRAY_SIZE() compilation
7617388 Interworking: Report STATUS:sp_type even if domain is not configured
c20bc9d P2P: Remove compiler warning without CONFIG_IEEE80211N
ca9bc5b P2P: Add VHT support
20ea1ca P2P: Add VHT parameter to P2P operations
53cfad4 nl80211: Mark VHT 80 MHz channels
f2112b2 wpa_supplicant: Add CONFIG_IEEE80211AC
6b02335 hostapd: Mask out not-supported VHT capabilities
7f0303d hostapd: Verify VHT 160/80+80 MHz driver support
c781eb8 hostapd: Verify VHT capabilities are supported by driver
b29b012 Fix some VHT Capabilities definitions
7066a8e hostapd: Fix wrong VHT configuration capabilities flags
6651f1f nl80211: Use max tx power from regulatory domain
7ac3616 nl80211: Replace perror() and printf() calls with wpa_printf()
4d9fb08 WPS: Clear known_wps_freq in addition to after_wps
d20c340 Interworking: Clear known_wps_freq for network selection
f3be6ee tests: Allow test case descriptions to be written into database
1bd05d0 Interworking: Force normal scan for network selection
51e9f22 P2P: Add option to allow additional client channels
556b30d P2P: Add option to remove channels from GO use
e7ecab4 Use ARRAY_SIZE() macro
39044a7 Introduce ARRAY_SIZE() macro
2e94624 DFS: Handle radar event when CAC actived correctly
5eaf240 DFS: Fix overlapped() function to check only DFS channels
345276a DFS: Adjust center freq correctly for VHT20/VHT40
1dc17db DFS: Fix available channels list for VHT80
34068ac nl80211: Add debug prints on nl_recvmsgs() failure
10b8592 nl80211: Make eloop sockets non-blocking
5f65e9f nl80211: Abstract handling of sockets on eloop
e8d1168 nl80211: Register for IBSS auth frames before eloop
03610ad Clean up get_seqnum() use for IPN
29179b8 Stop ctrl_iface monitor send loop on reinit failure
a2a535f Remove unnecessary wpa_s->conf checks
3318376 Add explicit buffer length checks for p2p_build_wps_ie()
0f01201 Verify that readlink() did not truncate result
f5eb9da nl80211: Clean up if_add() for hostapd use
a288da6 OpenSSL: Fix memory leak on error path
6cb4f11 nl80211: Fix strerror() value in P2P Dev debug messages
35f8363 DFS: Add forgotten break statement
2f243b8 Remove os_strncpy()
24f051e Replace remainining strncpy() uses with strlcpy()
41c526f P2P: Fix snprintf buffer length for group ifname backup

Change-Id: I2e1506cb9219a5a37efbb2ae0dc180fb081c809f
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>
051af73b8f8014eff33330aead0f36944b3403e6 22-Oct-2013 Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com> Cumulative patch from commit 538922a628d4f5403b9a96b171a59235bcb3d921

538922a dbus: Add boolean AllowRoam option to Scan() method options dictionary
c6f5dec Don't start second scan when changing scan interval
cd3b070 nl80211: Fix DFS radar event parsing
2b72df6 nl80211: Free BSS structure even if netdev does not exists
41cc50d nl80211: Update send_action_cookie on AP-offchannel-TX path
313424d GAS: Add support for multiple pending queries for the same destination
cbc5484 GAS: Do not start new scan operation during an ongoing GAS query
c377514 GAS: Delay GAS query Tx while scanning/connecting
24c694b GAS: Delay GAS query Tx while another query is in progress
7255983 WPS: Clear after_wps from number of new locations
73b54d6 P2P: Fix Operating Channel in Invitation Request for operating group
dc46fd6 P2P: Cancel offchannel TX wait on Invitation Response RX
0c92963 D-Bus: Clean up debug print for P2P invitation result
8d82c21 P2P: Fix PD retry channel on join-a-group case
d285888 P2P: Add GO BSS entry details to debug log on join-a-group
512629a P2P: Accept Invitation Response non-success without Channel List
e241b1b eap_proxy: Fix IMSI fetch for home vs. visited network determination
db13605 EAP-AKA/AKA' peer: Allow external USIM processing to be used
569ccf7 EAP-SIM peer: Allow external SIM processing to be used
84dc137 hlr_auc_gw: Add GSM-AUTH-REQ command
a5d44ac EAP peer: Add framework for external SIM/USIM processing
7e8bc7d eapol_test: Initialize BSS lists
bceb843 Send CTRL-RSP command response before processing EAPOL update
b607796 eapol_test: Fix external EAP request mechanism
94de082 eapol_test: Initialize wpa_s->global to fix ctrl_iface
f07bba3 Android: Add dfs.c into build
0cf0af2 WNM: Set Disassoc Imminent flag in ESS Disassoc Imminent frame
f47c145 Interworking: Add required_roaming_consortium parameter for credentials
a83e574 GAS: Update timeout from TX status handler
e88060e HTTP server: Allow TCP socket to be reused
9bc3386 Add test option for specifying hardcoded BSS Load element
9c7e43a Define BSS Load element id
56f5af4 Interworking: Add support for QoS Mapping functionality for the STA
850e1c2 atheros: Add support for QoS Mapping configuration
c551700 Interworking: Add support for QoS Mapping functionality for the AP
ac1bc54 Interworking: Add domain_suffix_match for credentials
463c8ff Interworking: Add support for multiple home FQDNs
01f809c Add AAA server domain name suffix matching constraint
be7963b OpenSSL: Fix code indentation in OCSP processing
899cc14 hostapd: Add support for DFS with 160 MHz channel width
6de0e0c Mark DFS functions static and rename them
58b73e3 hostapd: DFS with 40/80 MHz channel width support
846de15 DFS: Add more parameters to radar events
04e8003 nl80211: Use struct hostapd_freq_params with start_dfs_cac
72c753d hostapd: Split hostapd_set_freq to helper function
e76da50 hostapd: Add AP DFS support

Change-Id: Ie9ed4662ba6d81e6d8b14bccb29ffa192becf0f2
Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh@google.com>