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b83ad73794088498d6d38cd3b4fc9311f505d051 15-Jul-2011 Hugo Hudson <hugohudson@google.com> Initial check-in of variable speed playback library.

Contains an implementation of time-domain audio scaler, for
pitch-invariant speed up and slow-down of audio.

Contains wrapper library using OpenSLES to pump audio from
encoded stream (mp3 file etc) through audio decoder then
through time scaler and out to media player.

This is written as a jni library with jni hooks to allow
driving of this from the Java side.

The other part of this cl is the Java wrapper. There is a
new interface MediaPlayerProxy, containing a subset of the
methods found on the MediaPlayer. The VariableSpeed class
provides a concrete implementation of this interface
adapting to the jni code.

Change-Id: I518d8bf703488628c00730241a08ebfb67588ca6