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1ANTLR version 3 supports target language generation for the lexical
2analyzer and parsers. Objective C was supported previously but had not
3been brought up to date for some time. This release is built on the work
4by Kay Roepke, Ian Michell and Alan Condit.
6The project is currently working sufficiently for me to use it in compiling
7my grammar and tree walker. I am sure that it still has some bugs but I have
8fixed all of the bugs that I have found so far.
10The project consists of an Objective-C runtime framework that must be
11installed in /Library/Frameworks.
13It also requires the installation of the String Template files to
14support the target language code generation. Hopefully, at some point
15they will be incorporated into the ANTLR release code, so that the
16individual user doesn't have to do anything but load the framework into
17the proper location. However, for now you need to create an ObjC
18directory in antlr-3.2/tool/src/main/resources/org/antlr/codegen/templates
19and then copy the ObjC ".stg" files to 
22There is also a java file ObjCTarget.java that goes in <
25If you are using Antlr3.3 the code from here is included with the Antlr tarball. You just need
26to copy the ANTLR.framework to /Library/Frameworks.