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..12-Mar-20154 KiB

accessibility-audit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

adobe/12-Mar-20154 KiB

android_crazy_linker/12-Mar-20154 KiB

android_opengl/12-Mar-20154 KiB

android_platform/12-Mar-20154 KiB

android_protobuf/12-Mar-20154 KiB

android_testrunner/12-Mar-20154 KiB

android_webview_glue/12-Mar-20154 KiB

angle/12-Mar-20154 KiB

apache-win32/12-Mar-20154 KiB

ashmem/12-Mar-20154 KiB

bintrees/12-Mar-20154 KiB

binutils/12-Mar-20154 KiB

blanketjs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

boringssl/12-Mar-20154 KiB

brotli/12-Mar-20154 KiB

bsdtrees/12-Mar-20154 KiB

BUILD.gn12-Mar-20151.1 KiB

cacheinvalidation/12-Mar-20154 KiB

checkstyle/12-Mar-20154 KiB

cld/12-Mar-20154 KiB

cld_2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

closure_compiler/12-Mar-20154 KiB

closure_linter/12-Mar-20154 KiB

codesighs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

colorama/12-Mar-20154 KiB

cython/12-Mar-20154 KiB

d3/12-Mar-20154 KiB

decklink/12-Mar-20154 KiB

devscripts/12-Mar-20154 KiB

dom_distiller_js/12-Mar-20154 KiB

drmemory/12-Mar-20154 KiB

expat/12-Mar-20154 KiB

eyesfree/12-Mar-20154 KiB

fips181/12-Mar-20154 KiB

flot/12-Mar-20154 KiB

fontconfig/12-Mar-20154 KiB

freetype/12-Mar-20154 KiB

freetype2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

fuzzymatch/12-Mar-20154 KiB

gardiner_mod/12-Mar-20154 KiB

google_appengine_cloudstorage/12-Mar-20154 KiB

google_toolbox_for_mac/12-Mar-20154 KiB

gtk+/12-Mar-20154 KiB

harfbuzz-ng/12-Mar-20154 KiB

hwcplus/12-Mar-20154 KiB

iaccessible2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

iccjpeg/12-Mar-20154 KiB

icu/12-Mar-20154 KiB

isimpledom/12-Mar-20154 KiB

jinja2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

jsoncpp/12-Mar-20154 KiB

jsr-305/12-Mar-20154 KiB

jstemplate/12-Mar-20154 KiB

junit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

khronos/12-Mar-20154 KiB

launchpad_translations/12-Mar-20154 KiB

lcov/12-Mar-20154 KiB

leveldatabase/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libaddressinput/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libc++/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libc++abi/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libevent/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libexif/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libjingle/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libjpeg/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libjpeg_turbo/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libphonenumber/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libpng/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libsrtp/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libusb/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libva/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libvpx/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libwebm/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libwebp/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libxml/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libXNVCtrl/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libxslt/12-Mar-20154 KiB

libyuv/12-Mar-20154 KiB

lzma_sdk/12-Mar-20154 KiB

mach_override/12-Mar-20154 KiB

markdown/12-Mar-20154 KiB

markupsafe/12-Mar-20154 KiB

mesa/12-Mar-20154 KiB

modp_b64/12-Mar-20154 KiB

molokocacao/12-Mar-20154 KiB

motemplate/12-Mar-20154 KiB

mozc/12-Mar-20154 KiB

mozilla/12-Mar-20154 KiB

mt19937ar/12-Mar-20154 KiB

npapi/12-Mar-20154 KiB

ocmock/12-Mar-20154 KiB

openmax_dl/12-Mar-20154 KiB

opus/12-Mar-20154 KiB

ots/12-Mar-20154 KiB


pexpect/12-Mar-20154 KiB

ply/12-Mar-20154 KiB

polymer/12-Mar-20154 KiB

polymer_legacy/12-Mar-20154 KiB

power_gadget/12-Mar-20154 KiB

PRESUBMIT.py12-Mar-20155.3 KiB

protobuf/12-Mar-20154 KiB

pyftpdlib/12-Mar-20154 KiB

pymock/12-Mar-20154 KiB

python_gflags/12-Mar-20154 KiB

pywebsocket/12-Mar-20154 KiB

qcms/12-Mar-20154 KiB

qunit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

re2/12-Mar-20154 KiB

readability/12-Mar-20154 KiB


README.chromium.template12-Mar-20151.5 KiB

safe_browsing/12-Mar-20154 KiB

sfntly/12-Mar-20154 KiB

simplejson/12-Mar-20154 KiB

sinonjs/12-Mar-20154 KiB

skia/12-Mar-20154 KiB

smhasher/12-Mar-20154 KiB

snappy/12-Mar-20154 KiB

speex/12-Mar-20154 KiB

sqlite/12-Mar-20154 KiB

swig/12-Mar-20154 KiB

tcmalloc/12-Mar-20154 KiB

tlslite/12-Mar-20154 KiB

usb_ids/12-Mar-20154 KiB

usrsctp/12-Mar-20154 KiB

v4l2capture/12-Mar-20154 KiB

webgl/12-Mar-20154 KiB

WebKit/12-Mar-20154 KiB

webrtc/12-Mar-20154 KiB

webtreemap/12-Mar-20154 KiB

widevine/12-Mar-20154 KiB

win_toolchain/12-Mar-20154 KiB

x86inc/12-Mar-20154 KiB

yasm/12-Mar-20154 KiB

zlib/12-Mar-20154 KiB


1The third_party directory contains sources from other projects.
3Code in third_party must document the license under which the source is being 
4used. If the source itself does not include a license header or file, create
5an entry in this file that refers to reliable documentation of the project's
6license terms on the web (and add a note pointing here in the README file in 
7that directory).
9<Include table of license information here, once it is available>


1Name: Descriptive name of the package
2Short Name: Name the package is distributed under (ex. libxml, openssl, etc)
3URL: The URL where the package lives
4Version: A searchable version number for the package (if the package does not version or is versioned by date or revision this field should be "0" and the revision, or date should be enumerated in the appropriate field)
5Date: (OPTIONAL if version is supplied) The date that the package was updated
6Revision: (OPTIONAL if version is supplied) The current revision of the package
7License: The license under which the package is distributed. Standard forms are only accepted, eg MIT/X11/BSD/Apache 2.0/GPL/LGPL. See ANDROID_WHITELISTED_LICENSES in PRESUBMIT.py for allowed patterns.
8License File: (OPTIONAL) File that contains a copy of the package's license. Use the special value NOT_SHIPPED to indicate that the package is not included in the shipped product, so its license does not need to be included in about:credits and no license file is required.
9Security Critical: Either yes or no depending on whether this package is shipped in releases. For example openssl is critical where cygwin is not.
10License Android Compatible: (OPTIONAL) Whether the package uses a license compatible with Android. Required only if the package is compatible and the 'License' field uses a non-standard value.
13A short description of what the package is and is used for.
15Local Modifications:
16Enumerate any changes that have been made locally to the package from the shipping version listed above.