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2 * describes in high-level the compiler-rt changes that we
3 * cannot push upstream to the repository:
4 *  - Changes due to Android's build system.
5 *  - Changes due to Android's toolchain.
6 *  - Changes due to the limitations in Android-based consumer electronics.
7 *
8 * Some of them are to-dos. If and when they are done, there will no longer be
9 * merge conflicts with upstream on those parts.
10 *
11 * The file contains useful hints when we try to resolve future 3-way merge
12 * conflicts.
13 */
15* For JellyBean: Synced to upstream r155350
16* For JellyBean MR1: Synced to upstream r162279
17* For Jellybean MR2: Synced to upstream r177337
18* For Key Lime Pie: Synced to upstream r187889
19* For FUTURE: Synced to LLVM 3.4 r197381
21* Cherry-pick on 2014/2/11: and
22* Recent downstreaming on 2013/2/11: Synced to r197381 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
23* Recent downstreaming on 2013/8/8: Synced to r187889 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
24* Recent downstreaming on 2013/6/13: Synced to r183849 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
25* Recent downstreaming on 2013/5/3: Synced to r180792 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
26* Recent downstreaming on 2013/3/18: Synced to r177337 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
27* Recent downstreaming on 2013/3/5: Synced to r176091 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
28* Recent downstreaming on 2013/1/8: Synced to r171802 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
29* Recent downstreaming on 2012/08/23: Synced to r162279 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
30* Recent downstreaming on 2012/08/15: Synced to r159129 (Contact sliao for merge questions.)
31* Cherry-pick on 2012/07/27: for ASan (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
32* Cherry-pick on 2012/05/23: for ASan (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
33* Recent downstreaming on 2012/04/25: Synced to r155350 (Contact sliao for merge questions.)
34* Recent downstreaming on 2012/03/08: Synced to r152058 (Contact srhines for merge questions.)
36TODO: This is still not building by default (no files are present
37yet). Look at frameworks/compile/libbcc/runtime for potential starting points.
39TODO: Switch libbcc to use this version of compiler-rt instead of its own
40tweaked version.


4This directory and its subdirectories contain source code for the compiler
5support routines.
7Compiler-RT is open source software. You may freely distribute it under the
8terms of the license agreement found in LICENSE.txt.