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1a93f0cbb99fc5a59c92bd913f29409022ae236d 10-Jun-2014 Mark Salyzyn <salyzyn@google.com> libcamera_client: 64-bit compile issue (part deux)

- %p print warning message
- size_t print warning messages
- unused parameter warning messages

Change-Id: I5de3564b27c65fe1a27c0bcc18ac1b72fca040e2
7595c47b4842d76dba0fcf26ef3ab98d215efe1e 28-Mar-2014 Zhijun He <zhijunhe@google.com> CameraMetadata: Fix String tag update null character issue

String8.size() doesn't count the null character in whatever case. But camera
metadata tag android.jpeg.gpsProcessingMethod need a null-terminited string.

Bug: 13679912
Change-Id: I91e742702b16b9ab9b42f9822de189a9a96e8e53
146aed1ec05579b8840a592c3654c641ab36065c 05-Dec-2013 Zhijun He <zhijunhe@google.com> CameraMetadata: fix metadata alignment issue

When camera metadata is passed through binder interface, there is no
guarantee the destination address of the metadata copy is aligned to
the alignment boundary required by metadata copy, which could cause
metadata validation fail. this change aligns the start address of the
metadata copy destination blob to address this issue.

Bug: 12010193
Change-Id: I540c6b4c484fe87a1d625a362310f33a309c1772
fd6ecdd39bd83ea020f78b425e96310380d66c35 11-Oct-2013 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera HAL3/API1: Add support for the partial result quirk.

- Camera2Client:
- Detect partial result quirk
- Camera3Device:
- Accumulate all partial results together
- Fire off 3A-only result once all 3A states are available
- FrameProcessorBase:
- Filter out partials, don't send to listeners
- FrameProcessor:
- Skip face detect on partials
- Make sure to only handle a 3A update for a given frame once
- Trigger AF notifications when AF mode or trigger changes, to
properly detect all AF transitions.

Bug: 11115603
Change-Id: Iea8aa73c568701562a46071f7ea100624251d10b
e7ee7637747371635a85fedd24d2190bb1f38651 12-Jun-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Initial implementation of android.hardware.photography.CameraDevice (service)

* Verified preview streaming requests
* Other things *should* work but unverified / unimplemented in client side

* CameraService needs to return static camera info metadata

Bug: 9213377
Change-Id: I71568560fcf18d0e2b408ed1c4d0066647314868
e2d1e3d0436aec645739c65e6d3131dd814f40a1 01-May-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> camera: Use new camera_metadata structure validation functions

* Reject unvalidated metadata across binder boundaries
* Sanity check in-process CameraMetadata when mutating data

Bug: 8713951
Change-Id: I121d8e15f8fdc9cdbbaf27dfd947813e11831e1c
3b53bc9b41c262d22f094406e3751bc5a41ef2ef 28-Feb-2013 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera: Add input side to camera3 HAL device

- Stream creation/deletion
- Request submission
- Request thread loop
- Add get() to CameraMetadata to allow HAL submission while retaining

Change-Id: I271f72bcbe9557eded43cbcbfe789109857f8144
fc42642ab78da5fe25bcbea7a568bf880268a9dc 14-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: Add exists function to CameraMetadata

Change-Id: I081f61417fca7c8408e9e767129647ddce5364ab
7efa520c76e6a1f6b3146404cc6aca5a8353583a 14-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: Move CameraMetadata.h from service to client library

Change-Id: I940ce86f318f37ae5b73f912a6e589415150125f