History log of /frameworks/av/camera/IProCameraCallbacks.cpp
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f1e98d857ec377f2c9b916073d40732e6ebb7ced 06-Sep-2013 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera API 2, Device 2/3: Implement idle and shutter callbacks

- Update callback Binder interface
- Rename frameId to be requestId to be consistent and disambiguate
from frameNumber.
- Implement shutter callback from HAL2/3 notify()
- Add in-flight tracking to HAL2
- Add requestId to in-flight tracking
- Report requestId from shutter callback
- Implement idle callback from HAL3 process_capture_result
- Add new idle tracker thread
- Update all idle waiting to use the tracker
- Add reporting from request thread, all streams to tracker
- Remove existing idle waiting infrastructure

Bug: 10549462
Change-Id: I867bfc248e3848c50e71527e3561fe92dc037958
e7ee7637747371635a85fedd24d2190bb1f38651 12-Jun-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Initial implementation of android.hardware.photography.CameraDevice (service)

* Verified preview streaming requests
* Other things *should* work but unverified / unimplemented in client side

* CameraService needs to return static camera info metadata

Bug: 9213377
Change-Id: I71568560fcf18d0e2b408ed1c4d0066647314868
fa4cf9d310685b4c25877cba772ff7da84caf517 05-Mar-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> (Camera)ProCamera: Remove unused functions from binder interface

Change-Id: I0582268cef6e84b630bc87c8a03dcd69d54c440d
a91537e268f2b35f9f0dfdc0c4f84655c93285ae 21-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: ProCamera - implement onResultReceived callback for metadata callbacks

Change-Id: I46775402b007244bc383d6343a620eebbd492aad
5376573eff55f370f041889618c9a7a9e1894615 21-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: ProClient add asynchronous locks and such

Change-Id: I551e5e5e76d9be733fab5224beaa7309268c0f38
634a51509ee50475f3e9f8ccf897e90fc72ded31 21-Feb-2013 Igor Murashkin <iam@google.com> Camera: Add ProCamera private binder interface for an API2-light functionality

Change-Id: I2af7a807c99df75ea659e6e6acc9c4fca6a56274