History log of /frameworks/av/services/audioflinger/AudioResamplerCubic.h
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3348e36c51e91e78020bcc6578eda83d97c31bec 07-Jul-2014 Andy Hung <hunga@google.com> Replace int bitDepth with audio_format_t in Resampler

Remove mBitDepth from class (not used).
Replace with audio_format_t in factory method to distinguish
between float and pcm 16-bit.

Change-Id: I166860796c68285077ef4458d8758d19b82523f9
ac6020508acedd316391dee42329040bf45f8d90 01-Oct-2012 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Integrate improved coefficient sinc resampler: VHQ

Very high quality is enabled only for 44.1 -> 48 or 48 -> 44.1,
and uses low quality for all other use cases.
Track estimated CPU load and throttles the quality based on load;
as currently configured it should allow up to 2 instances of very high quality.
Medium quality and high quality are currently disabled unless explicitly requested.

Only load .so the first time it is needed.
Cleanup code style: formatting, indentation, whitespace.
Restore medium quality resampler, but it is not used (see next line).
Fix memory leak for sinc resampler.
Check sample rate in resampler constructor.
Add logs for debugging.
Rename DEFAULT to DEFAULT_QUALITY for consistency with other quality levels.
Renumber VERY_HIGH_QUALITY from 255 to 4.
Use enum src_quality consistently.
Improve parsing of property af.resampler.quality.
Fix reentrancy bug - allow an instance of high quality and an instance
of very high quality to both be active concurrently.

Bug: 7229644
Change-Id: I0ce6b913b05038889f50462a38830b61a602a9f7
e53b9ead781c36e96d6b6f012ddffc93a3d80f0d 13-Mar-2012 Glenn Kasten <gkasten@google.com> Whitespace and indentation

Fix indentation to be multiple of 4.
Make it easier to search:
sp< not sp < to
"switch (...)" instead of "switch(...)" (also "if" and "while")
Remove redundant blank line at start or EOF.
Remove whitespace at end of line.
Remove extra blank lines where they don't add value.

Use git diff -b or -w to verify.

Change-Id: I966b7ba852faa5474be6907fb212f5e267c2874e
65ab47156e1c7dfcd8cc4266253a5ff30219e7f0 15-Jul-2010 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> move native services under services/

moved surfaceflinger, audioflinger, cameraservice

all native services should now reside in this location.

Change-Id: Iee42b83dd2a94c3bf5107ab0895fe2dfcd5337a8