History log of /frameworks/base/core/res/res/drawable/jog_tab_bar_left_answer.xml
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4811d62d5f07a1ffbf085d5e424e2b54d0e7ebfd 13-Nov-2009 Jim Miller <jaggies@google.com> Fix 2209086: Updated assets and fixed widget dimension calculation.

Added hvga assets for new lock screen widget.

LockScreen on wvga and hvga devices.
InCallScreen on wvga and hvga devices.
753401aa471d2fb87ab937c2b02b182ebc215c3a 12-Nov-2009 Jim Miller <jaggies@google.com> Fix 2209086: add drawables for SlidingTab states in PhoneApp. Update string file for new SlidingTab sound states.
Tweak "animation" to be 250ms based on conversation with ui guys. Some minor performance tweaks to SlidingTab.