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12e752225aa96888358294be0d725d499a1c9f03 24-Apr-2013 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Track change to JSSE provider

Change-Id: I35e824e47ad758ab6408e91e2ba5dcda053a82f5
802768dd86c4e8a933dbfbac2e9f1a1daa5f93fa 22-Aug-2012 Kenny Root <kroot@google.com> Add ability to replace chain for PrivateKeyEntry

For the AndroidKeyStore API, allow entries to have their certificate
chain replaced without destroying the underlying PrivateKey. Since
entries are backed by unexportable private keys, requiring them to be
supplied again doesn't make sense and is impossible.

Change-Id: I629ce2a625315c8d8020a082892650ac5eba22ae
f35e9663d7bdae523953185b4ad6b6f9e8e7d6ca 29-Sep-2009 Chung-yih Wang <cywang@google.com> Add unit test for the new keystore.

Since we need to test the keystore with user system in order to test
the reset(), password(), lock() and unlock(), we have to take advantage
of the ActivityUnitTestCase to run the test with the user 'system'.