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68eccdade2aad22b7eb34a28572c204dcd54f7b9 07-Jul-2014 Riley Andrews <riandrews@google.com> Add cursor flags into SpriteController to suppor async cursor updates.
- This is fairly blindly taken from nvidia's implementation.

Change-Id: I825ecbd9cb4b394793dce079591b37efca546bbe
4a9c3891d4f890109e02bc83fecf9bcdf56a9395 07-Jul-2014 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> kNative_8888_SkColorType is now kN32_SkColorType

Change-Id: I13421a21de611203c62c1c1c36570a8cc803907b
b933055cf3f7f8ea89bfd3bc9c37a3891ff7310a 16-Jun-2014 Mike Reed <reed@google.com> stop using (deprecated) SkBitmap::Config

Change-Id: Ic75b5fc6996578e9d95bd3a220439ec1541d7c3b
cc11f15f76a62ded3e403cb2bc818c6aa5bf261c 31-Mar-2014 Leon Scroggins <scroggo@google.com> Update to call new Skia APIs.

I816129d49c0118453222916f3c818eccac33663d merges a new version of
Skia that updates various APIs. Call the new ones.

SkBitmap::copyTo now takes an SkColorType instead of an
SkBitmap::Config, so do the conversion with
SkBitmapConfigToColorType or use the enum when it makes sense.

Call SkImageDecoder::decodeSubset instead of (deprecated)

Override SkCanvas::ClipVisitor::clipRRect in ClipCopier.

In Canvas::clip calls, call SkCanvas::isClipEmpty(), which was
previously called inside the clip call, to determine the return value.

For various SkPaint effects, call the new factories (as the constructors
have been made protected).

Implement SkJavaOutputStream::bytesWritten(), overriding a new pure
virtual function on SkWStream.

Update Matrix calls to always return true (since SkMatrix calls no
longer return a value).

Depends on I816129d49c0118453222916f3c818eccac33663d (skia).

Change-Id: I5cdcea827ebff587df0bbddc0965e3e0fbf48002
49782e46c0eb85a25ae2abcf80880c48dbab5aea 20-Dec-2013 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> am 9158825f: Move some system services to separate directories

* commit '9158825f9c41869689d6b1786d7c7aa8bdd524ce':
Move some system services to separate directories
9158825f9c41869689d6b1786d7c7aa8bdd524ce 22-Nov-2013 Amith Yamasani <yamasani@google.com> Move some system services to separate directories

Refactored the directory structure so that services can be optionally
excluded. This is step 1. Will be followed by another change that makes
it possible to remove services from the build.

Change-Id: Ideacedfd34b5e213217ad3ff4ebb21c4a8e73f85