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42eea270a0a2bc54f454312817c41ac357e3a884 16-Jan-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Process base APK

The base APK may have resources with configurations that compete
against some splits. The base APK must be involved in the selection
of splits.

Change-Id: Ieb29b5a36cf2c68e7831484d98a9fd275acd97e8
c3dc0b57b8d0b3875f868788e110aa67fb032b4a 03-Nov-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Build the split-select tool without C++11 support

It was complicated to get the tool building on Windows, Linux,
and OSX with C++11 support.

OSX uses Clang to build C++11 binaries, which requires the libc++
standard library. Since most of the dependencies of this program
are built against libstdc++, this was difficult to resolve.

Now we build without C++11 support.

Change-Id: I4e537c113734508a8f480a1c402ed237de4f0e60
40e8eefbedcafc51948945647d746daaee092f16 16-Sep-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> First commit of split-select tool

This tool emits a set of rules as JSON for when a Split APK
should match a target device.

Change-Id: I8bfbdfbdb51efcfc645889dd03e1961f16e39645