History log of /frameworks/compile/slang/slang_rs_export_func.h
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796e7b1400d3f3f7c07496d88bb48129ea925bb9 27-May-2014 Jean-Luc Brouillet <jeanluc@google.com> Remove useless "return;" statements.

More cleanups to follow...

Change-Id: Ib8348255273771c1e9ff07e79bd7fbc8f2795a5b
ab992e59a36a18df49bf4878968ef0598299afd3 20-Jul-2011 Logan Chien <loganchien@google.com> Apply changes to migrate to llvm upstream r135568.

- Remove the const qualifier of llvm::Type and
llvm::PointerType due to the API change.

- Update the relocation model setup code, since
llvm::TargetMachine changes the API.

- Qualify dyn_cast with llvm namespace.

Change-Id: I4820fb86effc3a62569e19a6a8753ba9e960f6b2
be27482cdeaf08576bc39b72a15d35d13014a636 16-Feb-2011 Logan <tzuhsiang.chien@gmail.com> Apply changes to migrate to LLVM Mar 6th 2011.

- API for name mangling. (Changing from non-public APIs to the
public one)

- API changes for clang::Diagnostic::getNumErrors ->

- API changes for clang::CharUnits and Quantity type.

- API changes libLLVMSystem -> libLLVMSupport.

- Change clang::Token::eom -> clang::Token::eod.

- Remove SourceRange parameter for DeclRefExpr::Create and

- Add const qualifier for several unsafe type cast.
f2174cfd6a556b51aadf2b8765e50df080e8f18e 10-Feb-2011 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Handle struct reference counting.

Bug: 3092382

Change-Id: I215bd8245324ec2b7752a7c40817e3e5cd1c0e00
3fa286b4c2f110c6be2bbfac9c715bb1ec880338 10-Feb-2011 Shih-wei Liao <sliao@google.com> Fix b/3427124. Adding the overloadable invokable feature. Reflect that type of invokables to Java.

1. Add __attribute__((overloadable)) support on the rs side for invokables. Requested by the Books team.
2. Add name mangling support and MangleContext.
3. Add the test P_overload.
4. This CL only affects Honeycomb SDK. It doesn't affect Final ROM.
5. This CL should go in at the same time with another CL on external/clang.git (to be done now.)

Change-Id: I9e743894a97626d8c27b0dd9c0a51cef1175d2ab
6e6578a360497f78a181e63d7783422a9c9bfb15 08-Feb-2011 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Add support for assertions in llvm-rs-cc.

Bug: 3430674
Change-Id: I3400238652449cde84275cc2a770f405332d9544
e639eb5caa2c386b4a60659a4929e8a6141a2cbe 09-Nov-2010 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Improve code style.

Change-Id: I26e043849bce2a4b41ae132fbe0c882f4a6f112f
641558f02fe6ce0ee3ae5076eb366c25e2ad5903 12-Oct-2010 Zonr Chang <zonr@google.com> Implement one-definition-rule (ODR) feature.

When compiling multiple RS files, we say two RS files A and B break ODR

1. They have at least one common struct named [S] and [S] will be reflected
to ScriptField_[S].java, and
2. [S] defined in A is not *exactly the same* (number of fields, field
type and field name) as the one defined in B.

This CL detects such error.
c383a500aa59423264811be3874461bf8adbfea0 11-Oct-2010 Zonr Chang <zonr@google.com> Prepend legal announcement in all files.

Release libslang/llvm-rs-cc/llvm-rs-link under Apache 2.0 license.
3a9ca1f0d6bd8f12c2bb2adea51f95c255996180 06-Oct-2010 Zonr Chang <zonr@google.com> Provide better abstraction of class Slang.

1. Remove the Slang C APIs support (not used by any other programs.)
2. All RS relatives are now in slang_rs_*.cpp.
a41ce1d98094da84643995d40d71c529905123fc 05-Oct-2010 Zonr Chang <zonr@google.com> Fix memory leak of RSExport* object create in processExport(). Now, they will
properly be freed after their associated RSContext was destroyed.
0da0a7dc51c25943fe31d0bfccbdfee326a3199c 05-Oct-2010 Zonr Chang <zonr@google.com> 1. Rewrite reflection of parameter packet in RSExportFunc. In order to
generate the correct call (i.e., all parameters in the call instruction
must match the target function signature) regardless of ABI, we construct type
of parameter packet directly from target function prototype (which may not be
the same as the one declared in the source since Clang may modified it to
the type which is better supported by the target ABI.)
2. Rewrite reflection of RSExportRecordType to use clang::ASTRecordLayout. This
corrects the reflection of struct type when tail padding and field alignment
involve. This improves stability of RSExportRecordType reflection.
6315f76e3cc6ff2d012d1183a0b030d4ff0dc808 05-Oct-2010 zonr <zonr@google.com> More coding style fixing to improve the readability. No actual semantics
changed. This also makes cpplint happy.