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d15ef27f9b13727fa7358e3c09572f66bb1e0668 05-Sep-2014 Riley Andrews <riandrews@google.com> Update ScreenshotClient to take advantage of rotation in surfaceflinger's screencap api

Change-Id: I836649d9d5cd5958ce34e47f26f4a36d2d05d24c
1f6078aef71b1d3f080cd565adbec350c71088dd 27-Jun-2014 Michael Wright <michaelwr@google.com> Have VirtualDisplays send SF resize messages when resizing

Change-Id: I76d15b22099a659450ec875836c9bf2b6584838f
2c9b11f0291210c9b9513a1a0cce6afebd361b3b 25-May-2014 Prashant Malani <pmalani@google.com> surfaceflinger: Replace blank/unblank with setPowerMode

We replace the blank/unblank calls in surfaceFlinger with a more generic
setPowerMode() routine.

Some displays support different power modes (for example, with reduced
color palettes). Depending on the use case we should be able to toggle
these modes, so as to achieve incremental power savings.

Initially, three power modes will be supported:

HWC_POWER_MODE_OFF will correspond to blanking the display, while
HWC_POWER_MODE_NORMAL will correspond to unblanking. HWC_POWER_MODE_DOZE
will put the display into a low power setting, if it is supported in

If such a low power mode is not supported, it should be treated as a
call to set the mode to HWC_POWER_MODE_NORMAL.

As a consequence of adding the mPowerMode field, the mScreenAcquired is
no longer required, and thus references to it are removed and replaced
equivalent references to mPowerMode.

We also add the glue code to connect the services invocation of setting
a power mode and the HAL implementation in HWComposer.

Bug: 13472578
Change-Id: I431595ecf16d2f2c94259272db3dd42f29636204
Signed-off-by: Prashant Malani <pmalani@google.com>
c18790018be5d7ea7061ccbc81f3044e74adc823 23-May-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: Add sourceCrop to screenshot

Adds a sourceCrop Rect parameter to screenshot commands, which allows
clients to capture only a portion of the screen instead of the whole

Bug: 15137922
Change-Id: I629447573cd34ffb96334cde7ba02490b9ea06d8
7f7da32569f8e0b3d383a40b95f8ac1d55afd801 03-May-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Enable changing display configuration

This allows querying and switching display device configurations
through the ISurfaceComposer/SurfaceComposerClient interface.

Bug: 14320401
Change-Id: I8c22165698950e5da32204c1c4da92122f91a715
d85084b2b65828442eafaff9b811e9b6c9ca9fad 20-Mar-2014 Svetoslav <svetoslavganov@google.com> Adding render stats APIs to UiAutomation (framework native).


Change-Id: Ibb1c07f7d89e11281e5c1f27f412a29ac6f9c4ab
6d5a7bb970dd5cfd5a51fe2de7f10b9fc75732b2 13-Mar-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Remove deprecated BufferQueue constructor

Bug: 13415624
Change-Id: I52f58a4d22296d9fc3cdbd4ad53eb10a785db3ce
c701401f8cec2e5309f8b57e2b97baced5093274 15-Feb-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Allow disabling layer rotation during screenshots

Add the ability to ignore layers' transformation matrices during
screenshot capture, which will allow the window manager to capture
unrotated images for recents during the device rotation animation.

Bug: 11805195
Change-Id: I854d87bc84ca06ef9a054a454af1c080ee66fbb8
4125a4ffaf374ca9c0773f256998557d3325343e 30-Jan-2014 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Allow "opaque" flag to be updated

Moves the "opaque layer" from Layer to Layer::State. This allows
it to be updated as part of a transaction.

Bug 12387406

Change-Id: I0a114ce6adf77cd12fb08f96e0691b76c475768d
6c913be9ca95fd6b556d056e165a4ba6dc69795b 08-Aug-2013 Jesse Hall <jessehall@google.com> Add ISurfaceComposer::destroyDisplay

Bug: 10191053
Change-Id: Ia89286f95421344a60ffedaaca5825c4e3cd7f9e
3ca76f416bc8665a97636ca8a2d0128b9da9d92c 07-Aug-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> remove support for glReadPixels screenshot path

this was only needed on some chipset we're not
supporting in KLP.

Change-Id: I2e8fc07f135030bd61d2e241a8e426f1a4316425
db89edc94bd2a78226b407f9f7261e202e7fa325 02-Aug-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> All consumers now take an IGraphicBufferConsumer instead of a BufferQueue

this means they only have access to the consumer end of
the interface. we had a lot of code that assumed consumers
where holding a BufferQueue (i.e.: both ends), so most of
this change is untangling in fix that

Bug: 9265647
Change-Id: Ic2e2596ee14c7535f51bf26d9a897a0fc036d22c
ba93b3f8e403636b614a4a379f9421bc70dca84f 02-Aug-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> log an error when dequeueBuffer gets a NULL Fence

Bug: 9858745
Change-Id: If35d6a7d770bf0a42d55bc55880a9ddb721fcfd0
8f938a53385a3c6d1c6aa24b3f38437bb2cc47ae 13-Jul-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> always pass the BufferQueue explicitely to consumers

Change-Id: I883b0a7b19d8e722f9ab714ba6f49e658b02ca86
8000d0694bc34bc17d869da546d8ff8790ae7be4 27-Mar-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> make sure to unlock the screenshot's buffer on destruction

this fixes a memory leak on various devices

Bug: 8475134
Change-Id: I25924674c803a0cb22371a95c60664c36acb0340
abe815dd6978b718c04f6e22e1a893d2b51d11a1 20-Mar-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> rework how we take screenshots for a CPU consumer

We're not using IMemoryHeap as a transport anymore,
instead we're providing a CpuConsumer and use the
IGraphicBufferProducer version of the screenshot API.

However, some GPU drivers don't support properly
a GPU to CPU path, to work around this, we use a
temporary BufferQueue on the server side for the
GL rendering, and we use glReadPixels into the
CpuConsumer (we're now using a CPU to CPU path
which is always supported).

Currently this "wrapping" is always performed,
but it can be bypassed on devices that support
the GPU to CPU path.

This also addresses a DoS attack vector on
SurfaceFlinger, where an application could
consume all of SF's filedescriptors by creating
a lot of screenshots in a row.

Bug: 8390553

Change-Id: I9e81514c2a7711b9bb393f74305be7d2abe08f1c
4d9b822e2c18142e55fe2611aa6cd7dc7d4a62c6 13-Mar-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> get rid of ISurface

ISurface was only used to get the IGraphicBufferProducer from
a Layer. It's now replaced by a BBinder subclass / IBinder and
is only used as a handle to the surface, to both refer to it
and manage its life-time.

Also cleaned-up a bit the ISurfaceComposer interface and
"create layer" code path.

Change-Id: I68d0e02d57b862cffb31d5168c3bc10cea0906eb
2a9fc493dfdba67108e4335bb1fe931bc1e2a025 01-Mar-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> rework screenshot API and implementation

- SurfaceFlinger now supports to take a screenshot
directly into an IGraphicBufferProducer

- reimplement the IMemoryHeap screenshot on top
of the above

- reimplement LayerScreenshot such that its
BufferQueue is directly used as the destination
of the screenshot. LayerScreenshot is now a thin
wrapper around Layer

Bug: 6940974

Change-Id: I69a2096b44b91acbb99eba16f83a9c78d94e0d10
e3c697fb929c856b59fa56a8e05a2a7eba187c3d 15-Feb-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Refactoring: Rename SurfaceTextureClient to Surface

Change-Id: Ibed34175ae273608393aaa5f0a7df207dc40d709
ac9fa427d4a86745e60a5f7fd8e3ea340c4db907 12-Feb-2013 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> get rid of Surface identity and token

we use the IBinder instead.

Change-Id: I4aa0b58869ba43f19980013620051e5a261b062d
2adaf04fab35cf47c824d74d901b54094e01ccd3 18-Dec-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Rename ISurfaceTexture and SurfaceTexture

The C++ class names don't match what the classes do, so rename
ISurfaceTexture to IGraphicBufferProducer, and SurfaceTexture to

Bug 7736700

Change-Id: Ia03e468888025b5cae3c0ee1995434515dbea387
f3f7db6346323ca3ec4ec449a2622adddc6306b4 31-Aug-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Allow global transactions to nest.

This change fixes a number of small glitches that can occur when
multiple components in the same process are updating surfaces.
One would expect that updates to disjoint sets of surfaces would
not collide but this is not the case. The first component to
close the global transaction causes all pending updates to
be applied, including those that another component might not
have finished setting up if it also had an open transaction
at the same time.

Change-Id: I99345958581abbe0e1e325a5bcba37e8941a313a
dd3cb84cfbe8068790c6233b5829fae9c4a0ee93 20-Oct-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: add support for secure displays

This change adds support for displays that are not allowed to display surfaces
with the eSecure flag set. All non-virtual displays are considered secure,
while virtual displays have their secure-ness specified at creation time.

Bug: 7368436
Change-Id: I81ad535d2d1e5a7ff78269017e85b111f0098500
2d5e230292c27d59f4c096bc742a0a19abf811c1 16-Oct-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: add animation transactions

This change adds a transaction flag for WindowManager to indicate that a
transaction is being used to animate windows around the screen. SurfaceFlinger
will not allow more than one of these transactions to be outstanding at a time
to prevent the animation "frames" from being dropped.

Bug: 7353840
Change-Id: I6488a6e0e1ed13d27356d2203c9dc766dc6b1759
2a09bb321930e1f782599ec902bca1db58b9af77 09-Oct-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Add blankDisplay/unblankDisplay to SurfaceComposerClient.

Bug: 7309812
Change-Id: Ia401d642094a46c62f0d26c65da1d11341e203a1
38b657265ccc5ae45bd7860a68b0d9373b47a2f3 28-Sep-2012 Iliyan Malchev <malchev@google.com> Revert "Compatibility work around for bad graphics driver dependency."

This reverts commit a50b51c03aca449920fc8581a738032a7bce7150

Change-Id: Ibdcd776a7f241dbb2475403ea04f939249774c41
8dfa92fef9759a881e96ee58d59875d35023aab9 18-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Plumb display name into SurfaceFlinger

The Surface createDisplay() call takes a display name for debugging.
This change carries it through SurfaceFlinger and displays it in
the "dumpsys SurfaceFlinger" output.

Bug 7058158

Change-Id: I79f3474a8656ff1beb7b478e0dbf2c5de666118a
6652b3edcb7ef5402c05db12f477ceb23c27d6ec 07-Sep-2012 Andy McFadden <fadden@android.com> Watch for SurfaceFlinger death

The ComposerService object wasn't watching for SurfaceFlinger
restarts, which doesn't usually matter because the app framework
restarts when SurfaceFlinger dies. However, mediaserver continues
to run, which means its ComposerService object was trying to use
a dead handle, and playback of DRM movies was failing.

This adds a DeathRecipient listener and some logic to re-establish
the SurfaceFlinger connection.

Bug 6645813

Change-Id: I07581b881d3835601aa57d5358c8259d93bc4515
00e8c7a88a5b9c4104a71013a713acd3e4d3b77b 05-Sep-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> display projection API now has a single function instead of 3

Change-Id: I9bf46d372b77d547486d4bbe6f1953ec8c65e98f
94f261556cc5f4aa628cd5b71bf923b583f6e3c3 30-Aug-2012 Wink Saville <wink@google.com> Revert "A vendor ril depends on a native screen shot code."

This reverts commit 9b5782baf0a8a2d7afc7129453beb5df7abe7650.

A new ril for toro, hack no longer needed.
9b5782baf0a8a2d7afc7129453beb5df7abe7650 29-Aug-2012 Wink Saville <wink@google.com> A vendor ril depends on a native screen shot code.

Add a temporary shim until the vendor fixes the ril.

Bug: 7073467
Change-Id: Ia95a58bd90677c03406c988d1c29ae785f8662f2
a50b51c03aca449920fc8581a738032a7bce7150 28-Aug-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Compatibility work around for bad graphics driver dependency.

This is a compatibility shim for one product whose drivers
are depending on SurfaceComposerClient::getDisplayInfo(
int, DisplayInfo*) when it really shouldn't.

Revert this patch when the problem has been resolved.

Bug: 7065398
Change-Id: I6542691b81fd1b1e1d79500a62e82d40a3d51db7
380223bf1b340e7503177254a60d5982f95ab793 27-Aug-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove unused "layer" argument from show().

Change-Id: I8944a9f4a27c330b11e5e837c69b88c8f84145ba
9d4e3d2f42e93e2d12bacabe97d307d30c3c20dd 25-Aug-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Banish DisplayID from the SurfaceFlinger API.

Use only display tokens in the API to refer to new displays.

Don't require the caller to specify the display when creating
a surface (since in general a surface could be shown on
any display).

This is intended to be a minimum change just to update the API.
Note that SurfaceFlinger still uses DisplayID in a few places
internally that might cause some features not to work properly
when there are multiple displays (LayerScreenshot, for example).

Change-Id: I3d91eec2da406eefd97bcd53655d403ad865a7e6
818b46058aa3006e1d3c178abd36d4f10823f5d9 17-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> display states can't share the dirty flags

Change-Id: Ifade9f2f1a0df9a36aede77a6cf5eee4be534f98
e57f292595bec48f65c8088b00ff6beea01217e9 10-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> make multi-display more real

- displays are represented by a binder on the client side
- c++ clients can now create and modify displays

Change-Id: I203ea5b4beae0819d742ec5171c27568f4e8354b
3165cc21cfea781988407b19bd83292b19f05f55 09-Aug-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> libgui includes refactoring

Change-Id: I1d24ec17f5003ec2abab5f7472daaff4cc4cc2d3
c666cae2d5995097ec49a87e375e2afdd92802b7 26-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> get rid of the shared-memory control block

Change-Id: If814060aca1d2ff2619d4adcd57296983d207f7f
8785578391eacd4192333d7b0ce3afedd7d163e6 25-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> add a layerStack attribute to Layers.

this attribute can be set through a regular transaction using
SurfaceComposerClient (just like any other attribute, eg: position or size)

Change-Id: I701a47c677ea6442ca713728a93335328cd2b172
8b33f032327f8de0dcc0e6d0d43ed80f834b51f6 25-Jul-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> update SF binder protocol to support setting display attributes

no change of functionality -- the old behavior is implemented
on top of this new protocol.
this new protocol will allow, eventually, to pass informations
about displays and layer stacks.

Change-Id: Ic6c2295e61ec8ecbc8ce01ab7664e35d928202fc
6501e9944df131b3b7e293007084735dfa217f24 17-Jul-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove freeze(), unfreeze() and setFreezeTint().

This is all dead code.

Change-Id: I646673aac793a6ec45021c370a2450f0ea4fbcce
f9176a93a5c9061fe001c91bca50dd0a58d54f10 16-Jul-2012 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Remove freezeDisplay(), which is no-op.

Change-Id: I2b70249a1545636fd6d98b58057b22f9529cad21
f15a83f5814219c167f87cb8aaea622fc8493499 11-May-2012 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: add a crop to the layer state

This change adds a crop rectangle specified in window coordinates to the layer
state. The all window pixels outside this crop rectangle are treated as though
they were fully transparent. This change also adds the plumbing necessary for
WindowManager to set that crop.

Change-Id: I582bc445dc8c97d4c943d4db8d582a6ef5a66081
90ac799241f077a7b7e6c1875fd933864c8dd2a7 26-Feb-2012 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix libgui header location

Change-Id: Iec71706cdd4f29c6904993648ce873e83ef9cafe
41f673c9b3aac0d96e41c928845c39186d565212 18-Nov-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> split ComposerService out of SurfaceComposerClient.h

Change-Id: I1eb691f7ca263d5895d871ab675bb5826e0323c6
28378392fd5aa3e0a392c9eb64634055678c3987 13-Oct-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: make sync transactions explicit

This change enables a layer or orientation update transaction sent to
SurfaceFlinger to explicitly request a synchronous transaction.

Change-Id: I97cbba610c13679849f66114b216fa6dbf12f2a9
b8d69a55f1c187a35ac41e69de63251f5501b6f4 11-Oct-2011 Jamie Gennis <jgennis@google.com> SurfaceFlinger: update orientation via transactions

This change merges the ISurfaceComposer::setOrientation functionality
into ISurfaceComposer::setTransactionState. It enables the window
manager to atomically update both the display orientation and the
position and size of the windows in a single transaction with

Bug: 5439574
Change-Id: I18a8ccc564d7d760ef8afb2d015ccdb7a7963900
41b6aabf356d8a505da37b1d046bc9010028fe8b 31-Aug-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> fix Surface positions are not floats

Added Surface.setPosition(float, float) which allows to set a surface's
position in float.

Bug: 5239859
Change-Id: I903aef4ad5b5999142202fb8ea30fe216d805711
c10d9d90b2088a3304076e0dc4bf05cdbb5d45ab 21-Jul-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> clean-up. get rid ofunused code and members in Surface[Control].cpp

Change-Id: Ia7790ae28af2c2ac99eae01c2c5044ace4a490a4
698c0873cf2e07bdc7fd1e72169aee2a19fa40d7 29-Jun-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> SF transactions are now O(1) wrt IPC instead of O(N).

Change-Id: I57669852cbf6aabae244ea86940a08a5a27ffc43
a67932fe6864ac346e7f78b86df11cf6c5344137 20-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> unify SurfaceTexture and Surface

Add the concept of synchronous dequeueBuffer in SurfaceTexture
Implement {Surface|SurfaceTextureClient}::setSwapInterval()
Add SurfaceTexture logging
fix onFrameAvailable
0ef4e15a6c12778daf464a4953d7e15e651f49ac 20-Apr-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> Get rid of the "pid" parameter from createSurface

Change-Id: I28635e3f803e6abe965d79998e305f54a202465d
d87f162026454f5a3e6437ed0c9ef51651a6b939 26-Mar-2011 Mathias Agopian <mathias@google.com> merge libsurfaceflinger_client into libgui

this is the first step in unifying surfacetexture and surface.
for this reason the header files were not moved, as most of them
will eventually go away.

NOTE: currently we keep libsurfaceflinger_client.so as an empty
library to workaround prebuilt binaries wrongly linking against

Change-Id: I130f0de2428e8579033dc41394d093f4e1431a00