History log of /frameworks/native/libs/gui/tests/SRGB_test.cpp
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5603a2fbbd1aae74c4635e2f600819fb05d112e0 07-Apr-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> Remove deprecated BufferQueue constructor

Bug: 13415624
Change-Id: I153b5470b21832cebe3c617d28a4ab9c9bf3b362
b8072d84ba9bf43701fcace61414b3cef5910919 29-Jan-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> libgui: Fix segfault in SRGB tests

Make the test exit cleanly if the output buffer is never mapped.

Bug: 12761226
Change-Id: If789f02198851a17b11ee06f612f9ba7e06da754
6a5d35dd5cd8710c6c9f100076e62ffbdb0b868b 08-Jan-2014 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> libgui: Add a test for SRGB surfaces

Add SRGBTest.RenderToSRGBSurface, which validates that passing the
SRGB colorspace attributes to eglCreateWindowSurface actually
results in an SRGB surface by comparing the output values to those
of a standard RGB surface.

Change-Id: I3d5fef8070ed8fa2357ddd1c5fcc849ae3fbd12a
3ed4e0b3655b4019b9ab9939f6df0cb8a102d37f 12-Dec-2013 Dan Stoza <stoza@google.com> libgui: Add a test suite for SRGB testing

This is the start of an SRGB test suite. Currently it has a test for
SRGB texture reads in GLES3.

Change-Id: I553ee2691dc92b98cae7a003084d4e2823d40d95