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History log of /frameworks/native/services/inputflinger/tests/
Revision Date Author Comments (<<< Hide modified files) (Show modified files >>>)
dc5992e48ca88d882313d206f8174efcc5e01455 11-Apr-2014 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Plumb display power state through display manager.

Eliminated the bright here and woke here policy flags since they
were unused. Simplified the input dispatch policy somewhat.

Bug: 13133142
Change-Id: I74b4dc866c44c46ed43006a48a857f0da4c07cc9
71b16e81f9cbf2e288611f32c43ea7fb4a331fcf 10-Mar-2014 Jason Gerecke <killertofu@gmail.com> Support unique calibration per orientation

Updates the format of the calibration XML to store the Surface rotation
that a specific calibration applies to. Also updates the API to require
a rotation value for get/set, and has the native framework supply this
according to the current rotation whenever it changes.

Change-Id: If38563ceba27c9d8a75f9fd7928c8d7c9d187afb
489fda8d476f3fc10b0251263cc69528b736257b 08-Sep-2012 Jason Gerecke <killertofu@gmail.com> Add test for InputReader location calibration

This patch adds a test for the new native location calibration
code. The Java interface is not tested.

Change-Id: Id7496486f6b6e2ade12ada607b62d1594af488e8
12d6baa9b832f16a28f048ed5ffab75a76ed9c41 28-Jan-2014 Jason Gerecke <killertofu@gmail.com> Initialize mAffineTransform and update on modification

This patch causes the InputReader to update its mAffineTransform to reflect
the currently-set calibration on startup and whenever its value is changed
through the InputManagerService.

Change-Id: I4719122a28afa9833772040f0433780a84240b9d
f086ddbb97e59bd4a0c27745f6e6cc9832a2d4f8 11-Feb-2014 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Add support for injecting events into ActivityContainers.

Enhanced the input system to support concurrent dispatch of touch
events on multiple displays which is required for this to work.

Add method to apply offset to PointerCoords.

Change-Id: I55fe4a9a8785ae5a2d3341d214fa3c5107f3963a
d02c5b6aace05d9fd938e2d03705ac4f60f8da19 11-Feb-2014 Michael Wright <michaelwr@google.com> Move inputservice over to frameworks/native

Add all of the underlying input system pieces, minux PointerController and
SpriteController, to inputflinger. This is in preparation for moving input to
its own process and the addition of the input HAL.

Try 2.

Change-Id: I5f571fe86eb570885ae994e1f0552fb558930346