History log of /frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraFlashlight.cpp
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3d1c478fc34824db4e68d50c12f283d6b55c272e 13-Apr-2016 Jim Kaye <jameskaye@google.com> Fix Emulator CTS tests for Camera, Location, Sensors, Telephony

This gets all the android.app.cts.SystemFeaturesTest tests to pass.

In addition to these changes, the AVD's config.ini must indicate
an emulated front camera and no back camera.


Bug: 28170202

Change-Id: I4588e7daeea034847912e9044c44edf629336c35
6dcc706b3b06eedcc8d24a3001543c3f49999d94 18-Apr-2016 Chien-Yu Chen <cychen@google.com> Camera: Disconnect camera after checking flash unit

Disconnect camera device after opening it just to check if
it has a flash unit. Leave it open if torch is being turned on.

Bug: 28170202

Change-Id: Ic4a70a1b4be28625449ed52cbf6c5d214089adb7
d309fb9c8a2c4564d88fffba19c4e3688e4b862b 25-Nov-2015 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> CameraService: Remove device HALv2 support, other cleanup

HALv2 only ever shipped with Nexus 10, and has been fully superceded by
HALv3. Remove it to allow for various code simplifications and cleanup.

- Remove Camera2Device
- Remove various special-case codepaths for supporting Camera2Device
- Remove CameraDeviceFactory, since it only creates Camera3Devices now
- Remove BurstCapture and associated CaptureSequence/Parameters code
- Remove old ZslProcessor and simplify ZslProcessor hierarchy to be
just ZslProcessor3, which is renamed to just ZslProcessor
- Add service-init-time check for unsupported device versions
- Fix assorted compiler warnings, some old, some new
- Remove references to HALv2 when possible

Bug: 25866588
Change-Id: Ia1063264d315f9b742ec5cdd0483539310894f5e
32ab9fdab562127ccd37a8cdb15421ebdf82a458 09-Oct-2015 Ranjith Kagathi Ananda <ranjith@codeaurora.org> libcameraservice: Fix ALOG prints in FlashLight.

Add missing __FUNCTION__ arguments into log statements.

Ack by: Dilip Gopalakrishna

Bug: 25023187
Change-Id: I0256bad626d490fb9360a73c104afaad7a012a97
8a4a0ac6545f53a9ec4af6074caf0e935b08ffbe 14-Sep-2015 Oleksiy Avramchenko <oleksiy.avramchenko@sonymobile.com> DO NOT MERGE: Fix setTorchMode support for the old HAL version

CameraHardwareInterfaceFlashControl class calls disconnectCameraDevice
when torch is disabled. This closes connection to the camera module,
but mDevice instance is kept and variable is non-NULL which will
prevent connection next time torch is going to be enabled.

Bug: 24909924
Change-Id: Icb1ffb07f05256afd92821f0f4908cda5332c05b
727d172137b4f32681c098de8e2623c0b65a6406 09-Jun-2015 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> CameraService: Add consumer name to output stream dumpsys

Also switch use of ANativeWindow to Surface, to get to the
getConsumerName() method where necessary.

Surface can always be cast to ANativeWindow, but not the other way
around, so it's a better option anyway.

Change-Id: Ie5c2d30821c1a754f9e382699ff50b4b328288b3
676b21b30edbd74d7b9aae247961a1ffde1b8993 24-Feb-2015 Chien-Yu Chen <cychen@google.com> camera: update CameraModule

1. Add more accessor methods to CameraModule to prevent exposing
raw module pointer
2. Use KeyedVector to replace array

Bug: 19897963

Change-Id: I111cc093f09f5fb3c4b13693d5d0687e1f441058
ae21e335e392125168601dba4731c85b5c25f33f 19-Mar-2015 Yin-Chia Yeh <yinchiayeh@google.com> Merge "Camera: plumbing rotation field through"
d58b2ac7244a964caa3f4e386b8280ae2f5d2125 19-Mar-2015 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> Merge "camera2: Add camera client eviction enforcement."
cc776718c0be7c31fe5ab4fc1446d377be60369f 18-Feb-2015 Ruben Brunk <rubenbrunk@google.com> camera2: Add camera client eviction enforcement.

- This updates the CameraService to implement client
eviction behavior based on process priority.

Bug: 19186859

Change-Id: I646939b1cdf1a2237c4e5044164d55a2542cf36e
b97babb8c08969b55af3b6456d15f764c8873d3f 12-Mar-2015 Yin-Chia Yeh <yinchiayeh@google.com> Camera: plumbing rotation field through

Change-Id: I0f4343a0bfa7bf09ba887c78a1da1c08daa35333
3d82c0d9ed2b3e956ad699a9ca2c8a70c9d24678 24-Feb-2015 Eino-Ville Talvala <etalvala@google.com> Camera: Wire up dataSpace, clean up ICameraDeviceUser

- Remove unused arguments from ICameraDeviceUser::createStream
- Add dataSpace as a stream parameter, plumb it through everything

Change-Id: I608cafe694785d1c512276e71b2016f8ac3b0ccb
d231fd61ca94441183abda9766ce6906a5b4c3cf 26-Feb-2015 Chien-Yu Chen <cychen@google.com> camera: implement flashlight for HAL v1 devices

Implement flashlight for HAL v1 devices and remove
CameraHardwareInterface's dependency on CameraService to avoid
circular dependency.

Bug: 2682206
Change-Id: Id5bbccef085b607a6189763fd7fbe2e3f26868c8
88da526d97442c80731e01bfc94c6b47c4b0c3c7 17-Feb-2015 Chien-Yu Chen <cychen@google.com> camera: fix flashlight implementation for HAL v2

Update torch availability when the camera device availability changes.

For device HAL v2 and v3 implementation, notify torch unavailable for
all camera devices with a flash unit when a camera device is opened.
Notify torch available for all camera devices with flash unit when
all camera devices are closed.

Don't invoke torch status callback in camera service. Invoke torch
status callback in HAL or FlashControlBase implementations to avoid
race condition.

Clean up previous CL.

Bug: 2682206
Change-Id: I24f5478f467b2c680565fe98f112eef33e2547a1
3068d73c6c7e1f44523b1466b903a9c82408b258 09-Feb-2015 Chien-Yu Chen <cychen@google.com> camera: implement flashlight control

Implement flashlight API for module v2.4 by calling module APIs and
by for hal v2 and v3 by using CameraDeviceBase.

Bug: 2682206
Change-Id: Ib8b77f6fd462489d672f27e14fe37801d35b7544