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0a7a913683cb52cc847d52e4217b6637646a3c49 03-Nov-2015 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Let's sprinkle some FastJNI into Parcel.


benchmark ns linear runtime
ReadByte 918 ===========================
ReadInt 877 ==========================
ReadLong 880 ==========================
WriteByte 1002 ==============================
WriteInt 945 ============================
WriteLong 957 ============================
vm: app_process


benchmark ns linear runtime
ReadByte 824 ===========================
ReadInt 780 =========================
ReadLong 780 =========================
WriteByte 895 =============================
WriteInt 907 ==============================
WriteLong 851 ============================
vm: app_process

Change-Id: I746fe8ea3607e29d86007bd144339c84b063c360
989b719e649266f41353ff5266cabd5b42a297a5 23-Oct-2015 Adrian Roos <roosa@google.com> Merge "Revert "Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel""" into mnc-dr-dev am: 93a6b4c129 am: a53bbb652b
am: 5e5f718d23

* commit '5e5f718d236234f3a4bc5826dc805b6b8c53283c':
Revert "Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel""
0450565d9a6de0f0828c9ad8ce16c8645c6f394c 23-Oct-2015 Adrian Roos <roosa@google.com> Revert "Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel""

This reverts commit e2adb2cf0f2c90c77fab3f09285a92e05e70b567.

Bug: 25004154
Change-Id: I9b432d1ebc39f3bbcd7afdefc403f0fb6ced8158
d3511518f927eead41fb33c56803104672dcffc2 23-Oct-2015 Ian Pedowitz <ijpedowitz@google.com> Merge "Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel"" into mnc-dr-dev am: 09fd4ecf90 am: b402735fc0
am: 07129d53b5

* commit '07129d53b5380ec556fa14c7506a26b6776e629a':
Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel"
e2adb2cf0f2c90c77fab3f09285a92e05e70b567 23-Oct-2015 Ian Pedowitz <ijpedowitz@google.com> Revert "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel"

This reverts commit ab3f9724035046d65124a72db2a09c824b3d5c67.

Bug: 25169267
Bug: 25191602
Bug: 25004154
Change-Id: Ic51e62515273e4687359dfd9ff770a4d06c0c667
b531762c89e45b9ac5c401a2e90f9330bcdf629e 22-Oct-2015 Adrian Roos <roosa@google.com> Merge "Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel" into mnc-dr-dev am: 33e1d376eb am: 655c12edb0
am: fda65d780e

* commit 'fda65d780eea9f696b087deb8d532b87e44877b6':
Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel
ab3f9724035046d65124a72db2a09c824b3d5c67 21-Oct-2015 Adrian Roos <roosa@google.com> Track ashmem memory usage in Parcel

Bug: 25004154
Change-Id: Id9d5656dd0605f1b50525596b75601309f67ebdc
(cherry picked from commit 4701a496a5477a7de01fbc9eaf4af9812f83770c)
701aae276fb692937c12b9442dc7586b18a1a3f9 24-Jun-2015 Brian Carlstrom <bdc@google.com> am ef3b608c: am 45ab734a: Merge "Add missing NULL check for android_os_Parcel_writeInt" into mnc-dev

* commit 'ef3b608c81a67423e94a6f3a17f33e7354ad0d9f':
Add missing NULL check for android_os_Parcel_writeInt
849ea026824d51761591a18cf6689d755f70bda4 24-Jun-2015 Brian Carlstrom <bdc@google.com> Add missing NULL check for android_os_Parcel_writeInt

All other usages of nativePtr were already checked.

Bug: 21636519
Change-Id: Icc09ce4326e6b05c5a248cc4de84ae231d5690b1
2f4df690e5b67aab52d33cf7be405faaf96db74d 08-Jun-2015 Narayan Kamath <narayan@google.com> am abf7f323: am f5b7778e: Merge "Pass MUTF-8 paths to open(2) instead of UTF-8."

* commit 'abf7f323400f2b896280aea6f0d512f08feee50b':
Pass MUTF-8 paths to open(2) instead of UTF-8.
d415303c4d02c1d30dd4199bade4694bf2cb4615 02-Jun-2015 tao.pei <tao.pei@ck-telecom.com> Pass MUTF-8 paths to open(2) instead of UTF-8.

Modified UTF-8 and UTF-8 differ with respect to how they handle
non-BMP characters. Modified UTF-8 uses 2 x 3 byte encodings, one
each for the high and low surrogate, whereas UTF-8 uses a single
4 byte sequence.

File systems don't specify and encoding and therefore the file name
encoding will vary depending on how it's created. All standard
Java APIs (java.io.File / FileOutputStream etc.) use Modified UTF-8
filenames, so we assume that's the status quo.

We will also audit code from the rest of the platform to make sure
that file names are encoded consistently.

bug: 21578056

Change-Id: I8e37af7f7cc442805a48899917f8e61c8f81fba6
a316c5dfbc6355f536d765959cacb06bbfed76ad 06-Jun-2015 Jeff Brown <jeffbrown@google.com> Fix Bitmap parceling through ashmem.

Fixes a bug where the Bitmap parceling code was unable to deal with
sending bitmaps through Parcels that disallow file descriptors.
Uses extended functionality of the Parcel blob interface to pass
buffers around more efficiently while adapting to whether FDs
are allowed.

Bug: 21428802
Change-Id: If24926f4388d29aa2aac627000436beb015edcb9
aa861666ed537389e335f586bc84fe8ddb9fb026 21-Apr-2015 Dan Sandler <dsandler@android.com> Fix build.

Change-Id: I0e419fdb36cedba67fc6da7f71134d9728f66150
5ce0430edfc176de29c0cf503975570dfda8111f 10-Apr-2015 Dan Sandler <dsandler@android.com> Add ashmem stats to Parcels.

Developers can now analyze the true RAM cost of the parcels
they create when those parcels contain ashmem blobs (such as
Bitmap data).

Requires change Ifaf115da in frameworks/native.

Bug: 20079551
Change-Id: Ifaf115dabd1a59cdb1b46e2d49c41f64ac107de4
582bdf9a5961a32de27556832e23e0611c4d1cbb 21-Nov-2014 Dan Albert <danalbert@google.com> am d8c169fe: am 0c437fd3: Merge "Add appropriate casts for char16_t."

* commit 'd8c169fedf883491e46b354484909694fd52cfaf':
Add appropriate casts for char16_t.
6698749dd4d4d6513b26aa9071af290b956b68a7 20-Nov-2014 Dan Albert <danalbert@google.com> Add appropriate casts for char16_t.

C++11 defines a real char16_t, which is not implicitly convertible to
uint16_t (and by extension jchar). Add casts as needed.

Bug: 18300613
Change-Id: I00752002ef2e938bdb57f70947e8fd53ec103293
387116f557c3d3ecf7bd82e1d9dd1910ca4c4a3d 19-Nov-2014 Andreas Gampe <agampe@google.com> am c3507d10: Merge "Frameworks/base: Replace LOG_FATAL_IF in core/jni"

* commit 'c3507d1098a444176a7270cba7e5299af7f77350':
Frameworks/base: Replace LOG_FATAL_IF in core/jni
987f79f60bb1f0a4bcd3ef22e57301c743f0b94f 19-Nov-2014 Andreas Gampe <agampe@google.com> Frameworks/base: Replace LOG_FATAL_IF in core/jni

Do not use LOG_FATAL_IF in JNI setup. This is one-time on startup
and important enough to always check.

Add a header with common helper definitions. Move to inlined functions
instead of macros to clean up the code.

Change-Id: Ib12d0eed61b110c45d748e80ec36c563e9dec7e5
035a7b0235835e856f39623fc571668e2d6048da 14-Nov-2014 Andreas Gampe <agampe@google.com> am 0626ec58: Merge "Frameworks/base: Wall Werror in core/jni"

* commit '0626ec58243c9dc7f4812a453ef9456b1f7ff1f4':
Frameworks/base: Wall Werror in core/jni
0f0b4919667f418b249c497f5ad3e83fdf4437e5 12-Nov-2014 Andreas Gampe <agampe@google.com> Frameworks/base: Wall Werror in core/jni

Turn on -Wall -Werror in core/jni. Fix warnings.

Clang TODO: For GCC we need to turn off Wunused-but-set-variable in
the GL bindings. However, Clang doesn't have that warning and thus
complains about an unknown pragma. It is necessary to make the
pragma #ifdef-ed on the compiler being GCC.

Change-Id: I14cab48d45c2771eef0432082356c47ed44a3d7f
fabb70b2efbd125f74923d19ab12bc8e1371ed1f 11-Nov-2014 Dianne Hackborn <hackbod@google.com> Add reporting of Parcel memory/count.

Also fix issue #18340771: Dumpsys Procstats missing a newline

Change-Id: I0c612187a3fb4d7eeafbf97d373efdef732c477e
39c12fab49075b715c253c68c84b5c10c3150197 26-Jul-2014 Sandeep Siddhartha <sansid@google.com> Use blob (shared memory) for large data in sound model/recognition event/config

Also add a missing null check in writeBlob

Bug: 16516353
Change-Id: Ie702f8daae541cab7c2cee6e13d49e7fc84c84e1
90d7a3e996ee3a6e33e655341c5d301fbe30cd58 26-Jul-2014 Sandeep Siddhartha <sansid@google.com> Add read/writeBlob to Parcel

These are {@hide}en for now.

Bug: 16516353
Change-Id: Ie1635617ee8611a78be9068a7ce674e34c30301d
8ab665dda40ab10e60fc69392022171f454af530 22-Jan-2014 Ashok Bhat <ashok.bhat@arm.com> AArch64: Make Binder and Parcel 64-bit compatible

Changes include
[x] Long is used to store native pointers

[x] Added new method obtain(long obj) to Parcel. Binder
uses this method instead of obtain(int obj).

[x] obtain(int) has been changed to throw unsupported
operation exception.

Change-Id: I408e0f2a24deb28c9277d86670653a51eb314266
Signed-off-by: Ashok Bhat <ashok.bhat@arm.com>
Signed-off-by: Craig Barber <craig.barber@arm.com>
Signed-off-by: Kévin PETIT <kevin.petit@arm.com>
44bc18664985e845a2299f20b6392d378fad8b4d 24-Jul-2013 Colin Cross <ccross@android.com> replace cutils/logger.h with log/logger.h

and remove it from files that don't use it.

Change-Id: Ieb44a3f1f75c2d2b277f0d01ca926a92211e3fe6
8902097bb686752ff207e3bda12713be1a8c74eb 01-May-2012 Insun Kang <insun@google.com> Improve notifying TimedText by reducing marshall/unmarshalling.

o Removes mParcel from TimedText class.
o Converts native parcel into java parcel object directly without
copying to an intermediate byte array.
o JNIMediaPlayerListener::notify checks for Java exceptions, logs them,
and clears the exception state.

related-to-bug: 6405934

Change-Id: I8b82d3cd5b9b3ef8cad27e805202a0e445a88a45
047238ced42eea812de9d39a9f32e94d002bfa5c 08-Mar-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Switch Parcel to static JNI calls, pass pointer.

Instead of using parcelForJavaObject(), pass down the mNativeObj
pointer explicitly. Benchmarks show that writeInt() is roughly 3x
faster with this approach.

Change-Id: I24ca235c334c44be716070aa8066ec8a429eadb7
d84e1ce0b535128f03416145554fb405f9fade3e 07-Mar-2012 Jeff Sharkey <jsharkey@android.com> Split Parcel JNI details away from Binder.

This is purely a refactoring, with no change to the underlying

Change-Id: I41b59f14e57d1cc144274a01f77658d99a1bfe02