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2de7771740ee08fcaff638ec6b2e460bb72fff04 20-Jan-2016 John Reck <jreck@google.com> Normalize GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT

Several places were setting GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT
unneccessarily, whereas other places were assuming an
unpack alignment of 1. Since we never actually
do explicit row-alignment, set GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT
to 1 at context creation time and never change it

Bug: 26584230

Also turns on aggressive glGetError checking to
better catch potential problem zones

Change-Id: I190c8f0f0494a7f046d5ed769405c75d363be59a
117bdbcfa3e8306dad21e7e01fa71b00cdfa7265 05-Feb-2015 Chris Craik <ccraik@google.com> Glop ColorFilter & VertexBuffer support, initial enable

Enables Glop rendering for supported Rects and VertexBuffers
Also removes unused Query object

Change-Id: Ibe227bc362685a153159f75077664f0947764e06
6c15ffa196fc9b7724c189d833c3435d8db12266 02-Feb-2015 Chris Craik <ccraik@google.com> Refactoring of Program ownership/lifecycle, and WIP Glop rendering path

Change-Id: I2549032790bddbc048b0bccc224ed8f386b4517c
44eb2c00861098dd3e2950d923646814b4cc57c2 29-Jan-2015 Chris Craik <ccraik@google.com> Refactor blending and texture gl state

Change-Id: Ia6b3c8b2afd3dfcee7f3ce401d846b789612054a
d41c4d8c732095ae99c955b6b82f7306633004b1 06-Jan-2015 Chris Craik <ccraik@google.com> Add overrides and switch to nullptr keyword for all files

Adds remaining missing overrides and nullptr usages, missed due to
an extreme failure in tool usage.

Change-Id: I56abd72975a3999ad13330003c348db40f59aebf
7f4307668b10467ee39d41c7ea29cf1ff238a835 13-Jun-2013 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Add new Query class for debugging

This class can be used to perform occlusion queries. An occlusion query
can be used to test whether an object is entirely hidden or not.

Change-Id: Ida456df81dbe008a64d3ff4cb7879340785c6abf
be1b127c7bec252e0c6ab0e06ed6babed07d496f 06-Jun-2013 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Assume a texture is unbound after deleting it
Bug #9316260

The GL specification indicates that deleting a bound texture has
the side effect of binding the default texture (name=0). This change
replaces all calls to glDeleteTextures() by Caches::deleteTexture()
to properly keep track of texture bindings.

Change-Id: Ifbc60ef433e0f9776a668dd5bd5f0adbc65a77a0
8aa195d7081b889f3a7b1f426cbd8556377aae5e 05-Jun-2013 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Introduce Caches::bindTexture() to reduce glBindTexture calls

Change-Id: Ic345422567c020c0a9035ff51dcf2ae2a1fc59f4
4abab937bf3f168763a7c029275bf1de151ec1ae 13-Apr-2013 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> There should be a mandatory coder's license.
Bug #8586560

And I don't deserve to pass the test.

Change-Id: Ic7886205511f16145a925fc860e4a03dfaf473d5
032d47af737d803e841ab79f38ac9068a46c9aeb 09-Apr-2013 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Change the dither texture's swizzling

This is a more elegant way to sample from a float alpha texture.
Instead of sampling from the red channel in the fragment shader
we can set the alpha channel swizzle to redirect it to the
red channel. This lets us sample from the alpha channel in the
fragment shader and get the correct value.

Change-Id: I95bbf7a82964e1bf42c0fee1b782b6bdbbcef618
b48800428906ae455c2b63acacd44e390e1fee49 05-Apr-2013 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Use float textures to render gradients when possible

Float textures offer better precision for dithering.

In addition this change removes two uniforms from gradient shaders.
These uniforms were used to dither gradients but their value is
a build time constant. Instead we hardcode the value directly in
the shader source at compile time.

Change-Id: I05e9fd3eef93771843bbd91b453274452dfaefee
3e4a3ea2ff03a6a1f1f7a2bebac9a86fe6555754 27-Mar-2013 Chirayu Desai <cdesai@cyanogenmod.org> Correct executable bit for source files [Take 2]

Change Ieb51bafb46c895a21d2e83696f5a901ba752b2c5 left out some
files, this fixes them.

Change-Id: Ia949a8581668836ea0251602e048f09c852f5169
a1d12dd619c86c9ac121a3095ff5e5633c11e876 21-Sep-2012 Chet Haase <chet@google.com> Optimize shaders for dithered gradients

It's faster to compute a dither calculation in the vertex shader and use
a varying (letting the GPU interpolate the fragment values) than to perform
that calculation in the fragment shader as part of a texture lookup.

Issue #7207600 Prime mr1 shader performance issues
Issue #7158326 Bad framerates on MR1 (Mako, Manta, Prime)

Change-Id: I15789582a6e9e2d8b9dd22aa5b0f72f0ba1cce7f
211efea7376371ee755edd2ad03e83ef6eea464e 01-Aug-2012 Romain Guy <romainguy@google.com> Add dithering to gradients

Change-Id: Ic1208855bde3a254eca2fd7cef43e0f1318ce419