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a5cc002bfe7ca8a6536549189b44e7143c8611dc 22-Aug-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT: Filtering resource fix

Previously, when filtering resources from an APK using
-c option, if one qualifier matched, we would keep the resource.
However, in the case of something like

-c fr-FR,sw360dp

and with a resource in the APK like so


we would want this resource to be excluded, as it does not
match the sw360dp qualifier (must be less than or equal to it).

This CL fixed the behavior of the filter to require that all
defined qualifier axis be matched.

Change-Id: Ie48f3d516a0e610abc7ba8a7ced4eb3ab52534d4
27f69f4e06961fdecd1078b2292d764a157e5e1c 21-Aug-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT: mipmaps should not end up in Splits

Mipmaps are never filtered, and so they will always
end up in the base APK. Make sure they get omitted from
any split.

Change-Id: Id24b082bc9bd2d3f031a58bd0de4d30b4f0de7e0
fab50875b98e8274ac8ee44b38ba42521bbbf1f9 16-Apr-2014 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> Add support for building split APKs

Build multiple APKs, each containing a disjoint subset
of configurations. These can then be loaded into the device
AssetManager and should operate as if they were never split.

Use the idea of building multiple sets of files, where each
set represents an APK. An ApkBuilder can place files
in a set based on its configuration, but you can actually
add directly to a set, in the case of the resources.arsc and
generated AndroidManifest.xml for splits.

Change-Id: Ic65d3f0ac1bbd290185695b9971d425c85ab1de3