History log of /frameworks/base/tools/aapt2/java/ManifestClassGenerator_test.cpp
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626b3dbf74f02ae630ae0089632f5962340694dc 07-Apr-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Clean up R JavaDoc generation

- Don't generate private attributes in public R.java
- Strip out @SystemApi from comment when generating @android.annotation.SystemApi
- Only emit a single line (up to the first period) of an attribute's comment within
a styleable's attribute table.

Change-Id: Id6316a6861540325934133958939a12074ad4428
803c7c807969bea1f1c50f348832f5b60ad05d8e 07-Apr-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Enable windows build and make sure it builds

Mingw32 4.8 is kind of picky with macros and some complicated template
stuff. Luckily there was another way to represent the
SFINAE code that works on all platforms. Yay!

Change-Id: Idc2e38f47bfdc57b394550bfa0f53cc0b825df25
6cbfb1de493e42d937158ed57495c9656864ccba 31-Mar-2016 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Change how we generate Java classes

Previously we would be writing out the Manifest.java file as we
processed the AndroidManifest.xml. This would lead to empty
Manifest classes if there were no permissions or permission groups
defined in the AndroidManifest.xml.

This would pose problems for processes that checked for public classes
and considered them part of the API (support lib).

Now we collect the structure of the Java class in memory before deciding
if a file should be created.

Change-Id: I6b909f28d74356414c6ef5ad005180d6ea5e44ca
467f171315f9c2037fcd3eb5edcfabc40671bf7b 17-Nov-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Fail compiling when private symbols are referenced

Also moved some XML specific stuff into its own directory,
and refactored ReferenceLinker a bit.

Change-Id: I912247a82023c1bbf72dc191fbdaf62858cbec0c
b274e35abfbbd09e0fce983a215c11522c56cce2 07-Nov-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Fix inclusion of comments in R.java javadoc

Comments weren't being copied when merged from the various
resource tables.

Also refactored the JavaClassGenerator to omit a class
if no entries exist for it.

Change-Id: I6eaa89b7b3715bc05403635a2baf0d1db3efd142
ca5638fd85098c3d0a699492751043545f75553a 21-Oct-2015 Adam Lesinski <adamlesinski@google.com> AAPT2: Support generating Manifest.java

This includes comments from AndroidManifest.xml.

Change-Id: I412d9ecb12bad20a49a683d6b3bea4a0be1235ae