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40bac5d72af8fe32ab3d0bb38aafb5c65d8d9dfa 09-May-2016 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Disallow launching old-style kernels via rsForEach

Bug: 28666819

The "kernel" attribute should be the sole criterion for a kernel
function launchable via rsForEach() in single-source RS.
(The utility function isRSForEachFunc() considers a super set of such
functions as kernels, including old-style kernels or any function
that returns void and has a pointer type first parameter, which
don't have the "kernel" attribute.)

Launching an old-style kernel is forbidden via an rsForEach() or
rsForEachWithOptions() call. Old-style kernels can still co-exist in
the same script with such a call, and can be launched via Java or C++
reflected code.

To make this coexisting possible, old-style kernels are moved to
the end of the list for exported kernels in the metadata. This way,
the single-source RS frontend pass can agree with the metadata
on the slot assignment for "new-style" kernels.

Change-Id: I3d61c1c91b29043f3597ae622ef7c2ef972eb789
46a0334d8901576e20db68e15930a19f8f789cb8 03-Feb-2016 David Gross <dgross@google.com> General reduction should only support halter() at development API.

Bug: 23535724
1623659165bb24d733a40124e929cfd42aa917e3 23-Jan-2016 David Gross <dgross@google.com> Make general reduction available at release N.

Bug: 23535724

Change-Id: I1b00e3a392ec40e93b8e73e1d0a43fb9c947e589
13dba25ad988da71201c1331b34f56e2d01bcf96 22-Jan-2016 Yang Ni <yangni@google.com> Bump up API level in Slang to 24

This is in preparation of releasing new Slang changes for NYC,
assuming NYC will have API level 24.

It also updated guards for single-source RS features from checking

Change-Id: I8e21c25d93d1228d899ab7efc7d78bf2e5c6a27d
880d6ad5fc44e1291669de4b23b5910f7ca975dc 27-Aug-2015 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Bump version to 2310 to account for RS object change.

Bug: 22926131

LLVM internally has an assertion that fails when trying to read the name
of an anonymous (literal) struct. We unfortunately have relied on
reading this name for the entire history of RenderScript, so that
prevents us from running an assertion-enabled build of LLVM currently.
Although we can't change the behavior on general builds (due to needing
the ability to read legacy bitcode), we want to prevent the
assertion-enabled build from crashing spuriously.

To enable that, https://android-review.googlesource.com/#/c/168294/
updates frameworks/rs such that our RS object types are no longer just
typedefs of anonymous structs. This allows the assertion build to run
correctly with modern compiled code, but won't allow it to work with
legacy bitcode (from compilers using previous headers). Since the
llvm-rs-cc version number is part of the bitcode wrapper, we can use it
to help bcc detect this invalid use of legacy code with our assertion

This change also updates a test that checked that the proper structure
type is being used (now that it can be more specific). The frameworks/rs
change listed above altered the headers to use the non-anonymous
version of the structs.

Change-Id: Ie16e8a9a71da3766973a2e43a8aec845adb1cc4d
bd0a7ddceac6c135ea975cefbac73877a1f9dae7 02-Jul-2015 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Update llvm-rs-cc version to 23 for M.

Bug: 22179874

This change updates the compiler version, as well as marks the new APIs
usable by Android M.

Change-Id: I2a943274a701e6301b6c41ac3bb4302e0a66b9d0
80bdb1aaa97c4f617a03fb86dcd1da3051f7efd7 21-May-2015 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Update slang_version.h to indicate that this is an L-based compiler.

Change-Id: I13660e6df289111347644b00461f4eab18de3cb0
06f2adb7f54617155ae06753dac5fcf62e947757 07-Mar-2015 David Gross <dgross@google.com> Now doing development for API level 23.

Bug: 18964628
Change-Id: Ia7c92f383fb6cfb2ef2d8bd5ca29e9ae6ee45540
c9454afec1649846512993d0ef65a9f868976bb4 14-Jun-2014 Chris Wailes <chriswailes@google.com> Adds support for multi-input kernels to Slang.

This patch modifies slang in the folowing ways:
* Updates some of the development target API logic.
* Adds logic for validating kernels with multiple inputs.
* Added support for multi-input kernels to the Java reflection code.
* Adds tests for these new features.
* Updated existing tests with the new error messages.

Change-Id: I46d2834c37075b2a2407fd8b010546818a4540d1
9e3aa07a4456aad52920e0a7464954fe67cdbe01 17-Jun-2014 Chris Wailes <chriswailes@google.com> Added a new development target api.

Change-Id: I71a16597f2605b9323424f8d493f103519d10178
76110d5599d2bac880354b6df94930c0c63b5e4e 15-Jan-2014 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Bump llvm-rs-cc version number to 1901.

BUG: 12135682

This is to ensure that we can recognize tools that have the fix for encoding
bitcode attributes like readnone/readonly on parameters (i.e. we strip it).

Change-Id: I303c0c730c66706425289c6dc7d494dcb075120d
0f2a2397df53a1bb74609abe3c27719bc7e3c328 14-Jan-2014 Jean-Luc Brouillet <jeanluc@google.com> Code refactoring, no behavior change.

Changed a couple of member variables to be more descriptive. Unified setting of signature metadata into one function.

Change-Id: I4b4730d8159b8a67a4d9d39713dc2bec8eb8d01a
4f673191448c2a76c7dc5d18ff45bb7954968ea6 19-Dec-2013 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Update slang_version.h for KitKat and add new version number tests.

Change-Id: Ifd8bb0c6d48b280c80cf84dc4b1edcd1d95028b2
962c0b6bcd98f321c993055adca785fa0dca522d 22-May-2013 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Bump version number for K.

Change-Id: If819092301ab9c095957306574a09dcdc9ed9c5e
50974740c0c5c52dd766264139a01702fbc138af 13-Feb-2013 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Enable reflection of clipped kernels.

Change-Id: Ie7ee7267e562dc253192bfca38f7b5261d49e508
9221935c8a5cb48a53d7d316bbe0d860baf4a22e 13-Dec-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Switch back to the old mechanism for API version.

It turns out that the API version was recently bumped in build/, but a
clean build of slang was needed to recognize it (actually just

Change-Id: I0e453c86bc700bb9659e23f37bde0d0c8a16f6b6
fe2b93dc9e7d4f193fe6d8c050e849f012ab0754 02-Aug-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Update llvm-rs-cc version information for JB-MR1.

Change-Id: I30e4212d7a5553534fae49be451d335de79bfcf3
59e37365ee690a7c4e8182faab9eb2b029193f91 16-Jul-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Update compiler version to 1600 for JB.

Change-Id: I216d7d2e26be9c52ea764fb59888c7047a0cbbd8
8ccbddda3ac7408ba0ae1edab1d066f0d8ad97bc 21-Mar-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> resolved conflicts for merge of 9e7e17b0 to master

Change-Id: I7d910038eaf3e7b43330253a7275a8496c26c9ad
5e3b677a3041c86a7f860238dd1f5ff9d111b507 21-Mar-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Use bcinfo::writeAndroidBitcodeWrapper().

Change-Id: Ic5361ef718733dd22fd732351a711c04edb12e3a
41cc61093619da4e99581d0aef4487ce2751812e 16-Feb-2012 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Update llvm-rs-cc to support API level 16.

Also update the date on the copyright notice for reflected files.

Change-Id: I58f12a8e2aeda16bd7384bb88bb7e7028774c5da
9b044ec938fd56355012851890c63974c8042c9f 24-Nov-2011 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Add support for BitWriter_2_9_func bitcode writing.

This allows us to generate Bitcode for pre-3.0 LLVM using the old opcode for

Change-Id: I5b88bff6224658f3e50940bb6f46aa13ca40c080
a546cb661a8ab70577827b8310e2b56a0773c1e1 30-Aug-2011 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Support HC bitcode generation in modern llvm-rs-cc.


Change-Id: Ia1377cb13dd3f702716770e46ca4af6f7b206ef5
4cc499d6e5ec602309501873449c938af61170b2 25-Aug-2011 Stephen Hines <srhines@google.com> Start basic support for LLVM 2.9 bitcode writer.

Change-Id: I6a54158a32e485f506f0b991f89125b8a0e60267