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499cacaab504a8166dfe44515e0242b9852d8673 30-Oct-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Revert "Revert "Update notice""

This reverts commit f5517fe4100cc751b365edb43a07455b7b435215.

Change-Id: Ic60d99c9a9508dbd912a67fa2d467e7332c51dfb
f5517fe4100cc751b365edb43a07455b7b435215 30-Oct-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Revert "Update notice"

This reverts commit 0a39d327fc5dedb0a766f1ad44d7b1fc7048ef84.

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0a39d327fc5dedb0a766f1ad44d7b1fc7048ef84 30-Oct-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Update notice

Change-Id: I3d5e2a07075603fbc2ee9b6c93490f6ea2d7c594
9784c9aaedeb863018f5fcaa0a598e8e2f8ed2f3 13-Oct-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Data binding as studio dep + java6

This CL gets rid of the gradle plugin and instead provides
DataBindingBuilder for the gradle plugin to directly use.

Now, everything that is deployed via SDK Manager (lib and adapters)
are included as prebuilts so that we avoid accidently changing
them w/o an SDK manager release.

There is still work to do:
> re-enable proguard for externel dependencies
> release a batch to ensure everything works

Bug: 22516688
Change-Id: I83ace15bd6d3d23bf5b4ad850f36453dd23ebd43
24bec1cc542de69e0e21cc774469f20d34811ad9 09-Jul-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Localize Maven

This CL introduces a new development plugin that downloads all
dependencies into the given repository. This will allow us to
build data binding in build servers w/o internet connection.

By default, it is setup to disable public repositories to avoid
adding a new dependency w/o running the script.
Public repositories can be added by running -PaddRemoteRepos=true.
There is also a convenience script to fetch dependencies.

Bug: 19626302
Change-Id: I9d200550b76c3b60119cdbbdb4e1e7772d0da1d7