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9e6805b0ab84967da017e48c5e8284d3263dae35 06-Jan-2016 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Move to gradle 2.10

Change-Id: I1a642a954d3b9f7fb5bcb5639f21a58192349a31
0b6d118e6eeb3bc100fc6a6e66016ab812cb2783 04-Dec-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Avoid re-reading variables.

This CL fixes a bad code generation where we would set a variable to itself,
which breaks if you use a tool like ErrorProne.

I've also updated gradle version and data binding versions.

Bug: 25077399
Change-Id: I6620faf4cad5fa74dc7c35be03c46c4a76c9cfbc
24bec1cc542de69e0e21cc774469f20d34811ad9 09-Jul-2015 Yigit Boyar <yboyar@google.com> Localize Maven

This CL introduces a new development plugin that downloads all
dependencies into the given repository. This will allow us to
build data binding in build servers w/o internet connection.

By default, it is setup to disable public repositories to avoid
adding a new dependency w/o running the script.
Public repositories can be added by running -PaddRemoteRepos=true.
There is also a convenience script to fetch dependencies.

Bug: 19626302
Change-Id: I9d200550b76c3b60119cdbbdb4e1e7772d0da1d7